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What is a Lone Worker?

A lone worker is anyone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. The associated danger of a lone working position can be social or environmental.


How does the solution work?

Your investment, and a user's empowerment. 24/7 protection, at the push of a button.

A person feels their personal safety is threatened or could be seriously compromised.

Red Alert Safety Devices

The device user selects the 'Red Alert' function on their device, to raise an alarm. This is a 24/7 supported service, alerts can also be raised automatically where a user has deployed the 'incapacitation' function.

Lone Worker Panic Alarm

SoloProtect devices are enabled with cellular technology (4G) in order to raise the alarm on a user's behalf.

Lone Worker Monitoring

The SoloProtect device will contact the SoloProtect Monitoring Center or an Alarm Contact (depending on the specified solution), in order to a facilitate alarm verification and/or escalation.

Personal Safety Solutions

Clear choice, greater transparency, and easy to specify. Personal safety made simple.

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