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About SoloProtect Worker Safety Solutions

SoloProtect lone worker safety solutions for workplace safety provide innovative technologies to monitor employees for protection and keep workers safe. Protect your greatest assets!

At SoloProtect, our primary focus is providing an innovative technology to monitor employees for protection and keep lone worker's safe. We take great pride in servicing the customer above all else and that focus translates into all lines of our business. Keeping a current customer satisfied is more important than gaining a new one. As a private company, we don't have to cut corners to make quarterly profit goals. As a result, our customer retention rate is amazingly high in the industries we serve. Most important to you is that we stand behind what we sell and service. If there is a problem, we fix it, period. We are in the life safety business and understand our products must work when needed.

SoloProtect Core Values 

1. Honesty & Integrity

2. Service to the customer above all else

3. Do what is right.

4. Good enough is not good enough: Pursue excellence.

5. Encourage individual initiative and growth.

What We're About

Earning the trust of our customers, their guests and the community by providing a safe, caring and helpful emergency response.

Developing creative life safety technologies through the talent, initiative and ideas of our people.

Ensuring excellence among employees by fostering a family culture of encouragement, gratitude and respect.