The Check-In feature allows a user to record a short message, providing information about their location and activity to inform any subsequent alerts.

What is a 'Check-In' and why is it important?

'Check-In' is a function that allows an end user to record a 20 sec.  voice message, via their SoloProtect lone worker device or their personal safety mobile app, providing contextual information about their location and activity.

In the event of a lone worker emergency (e.g. a Red Alert or Man Down Alarm), the recorded information is accessed by a SoloProtect Monitoring Center Operator, and used in conjunction with geolocation data from the user’s device, to help them build a picture of the worker's location and what type of risks they might be facing. The Monitoring Center Operator can then facilitate a quick, informed response.

What type of information should be communicated via a Check-In message?

  • Full name
  • Current address (including zip code)
  • Current activity and any apparent or possible risk
  • Other relevant information.

 The benefits of Check-In

  • Provides vital information to our operators in the event of an emergency
  • Allows for a quicker alert verification and, therefore, a more efficient escalation
  • Works in conjunction with the geolocation technology within the lone worker device or mobile phone
  • Forms a key part of a lone worker's dynamic risk assessment and promotes regular device usage
  • Encourages all involved to make 'duty of care' a shared responsibility.

Where are Check-In messages stored?

Check-In messages are stored securely within SoloProtect's  Monitoring Center and are only accessed by highly trained operators in the event of an emergency. Check-In messages are not issued to a lone worker's employer.

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