Latest Location

Monitor the location of your mobile workforce to track the progress of work, redeploy workers to where they're needed, and identify efficiencies.

What is "Latest Location"?

If the "Latest Location" feature is enabled with your solution, your SoloProtect lone worker device or lone worker safety app will send periodic location information to SoloProtect Insights. Managers can then access this information to oversee the location of employee(s).

The information is presented on an easy-to-view map and managers can either view the location of multiple people all at once or on an individual basis.

Accessing an end user’s location not only allows managers to get credible information about a worker’s recent whereabouts, but it also displays their working status and device battery life.

How does Latest Location work?

SoloProtect lone worker devices are equipped with geolocation technology. Therefore, if viewing user location information is useful to your organization from a safety and/or operational perspective, Latest Location is a feature for you. It will periodically send users location data to SoloProtect Insights to be accessed by those with the appropriate authority.  

The latest Location feature includes a Privacy toggle that can be activated at the device level. Once disabled the user's location information will not be available to view within the mapping feature in SoloProtect Insights. 

However, if the Latest Location feature isn’t activated as part of your solution or Privacy Mode is activated, the only time user location information will be used is in the event of a genuine alert. When a call comes through to our Monitoring Center, operators can access the user's location information, along with any information provided by the user as part of the Check-In process, and pass it on to the relevant emergency services to ensure a swift response.

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