Man Down Alarm

Our Man Down Alarm provides a quick emergency response if a SoloProtect device or mobile app senses fall impact and non-movement.

What is a Man Down Alarm?

A Man Down Alarm (often referred to as an "Incapacitation Alert" or "Person Down Alarm") is part of the SoloProtect lone working solution that provides a quick emergency response if a Man Down Device senses the user has suffered a slip, trip, fall, attack, health issue, or has become immobile for any other reason.

It’s not only about responding to environmental risk, the Man Down Alarm also offers a means of support when the user is faced with social risk (e.g. aggressive/violent behaviour) and fears for the personal safety of themselves or someone else around them.

Any worker can use a wireless Man Down Alarm for peace of mind that someone will be available should they need it.

However, they are particularly useful for lone workers, workers who often work at height (e.g. utility workers, builders, surveyors, window cleaners, roofers), public-facing roles (e.g. retail, hospitality or jantorial), community roles (e.g. social work or home health), or mobile workers (e.g. delivery or truck drivers). 

How does a Man Down Alarm work?

Man Down

Depending on the lone working solution you choose, a SoloProtect Man Down Alarm can use non-movement, and impact detection to establish if the lone worker is incapacitated.

Typically, if the Man Down Device detects a significant impact along with non-movement for a period of 2 minutes, the unit will enter a pre-alert phase and start to vibrate and beep to attempt to gain the lone worker’s attention and make them aware the device will imminently raise a Man Down Alarm if left unchecked. If the device is not moved during this pre-alert phase, it will automatically raise a Man Down Alarm (known at SoloProtect, as an "Incapacitation Alert").

When a Man Down Alarm is raised, a two-way call is opened with SoloProtect’s Monitoring Center (or the user’s designated contact) where specially trained operatives will:

  • Locate the position of the user who has activated the Man Down Alarm using geolocation tracking solutions,

  • Attempt to talk to the user through the Man Down Device in order to quickly assess the severity of the situation and to reassure them that help is on the way,

  • Call the emergency services and/or alert the designated employer contact as soon as possible.

If our operator cannot communicate with the lone worker, they will still be able to listen in to the situation to try to establish what has happened and determine the severity of the Man Down incident. They will then quickly decide on an appropriate course of action.

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