Monitoring Timer

In areas with low signal, Monitoring Timer offers extensive protection and peace of mind to your lone and remote working employees.

In low (or zero) signal areas, lone and remote workers face potential safety risks and managers may experience operational challenges due to the difficulty of connecting mobile phones and safety devices to a network in an emergency.

Our Monitoring Timer feature provides reassurance to workers and managers by addressing these risks and helping to ensure uninterrupted operations.   

The feature also encourages workers to be aware of their own personal safety and conduct a dynamic risk assessment before entering areas with a poor or variable signal.

What types of areas may have a low, zero or variable signal?

Examples of low signal areas may include:

  • Rural locations where cellular infrastructure is less developed
  • Areas with geographical features that limit mobile network services due to topography e.g. mountainous regions
  • Building structures, materials, or underground spaces that inhibit mobile network availability.

How does Monitoring Timer work?

1. To reduce risk in low signal areas, the lone worker device user sets the Monitoring Timer before entering an area with a poor signal.

2. The timer is then activated within our Emergency Monitoring Centre systems.

3. When the worker finishes their task and returns to an area with a stronger signal, they manually stop the timer before it expires.

4. If the timer expires without being cancelled, our operators will begin a pre-agreed process of escalation and attempt to locate the worker to confirm their safety.

It is recommended to use Monitoring Timer in conjunction with our Check-In feature, which provides valuable information about the user's location and activity should the timer elapse.

What are the benefits to an employer?

The benefits of Monitoring Timer to an employer include:

  • Promoting thorough dynamic risk assessments
  • Empowering workers to choose appropriate support
  • Providing peace of mind to users, ensuring uninterrupted work schedules
  • Providing clear mechanisms to support duty of care requirements with evidence and reporting in SoloProtect Insights.

How can I access the Monitoring Timer feature?

The Monitoring Timer feature is available on our three touchscreen devices: the SoloProtect ID Touch, SoloProtect Shield, and SoloProtect Curve, which also feature Wi-Fi Calling.

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