Monitoring Timer

The new Monitoring Timer feature provides comprehensive worker protection and peace of mind in low signal areas.

Low signal areas can be a concern for users and a headache for managers. ‘Monitoring Timer’ helps you manage anticipated risk effectively, with zero interruption for your mobile workers. The ‘Monitoring Timer’ function could be a key element of empowering workers to reduce risk, encourage dynamic risk assessment, and demonstrate duty of care to lone workers and mobile personnel.

The Monitoring Timer function is set by your lone worker when they're aware they will soon be entering an area with known low or no signal coverage. Even with 4G LTE enabled devices, there are areas and structures that limit the ability of any cellular (GSM), lone worker device to operate as fully intended.

Examples of this may include:

• Particularly remote or rural locations where cellular mast infrastructure is developing

• Areas or locations exhibiting distinct geographical features that limit mobile network services due to topography

• Building structures, materials or subterranean spaces that inhibit mobile network availability

How does Monitoring Timer reduce risk where there is a loss of signal?

The Monitoring Timer is set within the Monitoring Center and is logged within the Monitoring Platform. The user must have a signal when the function is selected, and the timer duration is logged. After this, they can carry out their activities knowing that if the timer elapses, the SoloProtect Monitoring Center will begin a process of escalation and attempt to locate the worker and confirm their safety.

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