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Healthcare PPE Safety Devices

Our Health Professionals and Front Line Workers are dealing with extreme environments right now, ensuring they are safe is more critical than ever.

SoloProtect is very aware that you are working on the front line, delivering services and providing a lifeline to some of our most vulnerable people. And we would like to say Thank You for the work you are doing during these challenging times.

We're also aware of the increased activities targeting Healthcare workers for theft of their supplies. Healthcare workers have experience heightened social and incapacitation risk during the Covid-19 crisis.

Equipping Healthcare workers with additional safety measures like panic buttons and personal protection equipment allows them to do the job with peace of mind and a tangible source of support.

Reach out to us to learn more about SoloProtect ID and how it can help keep your staff safe while working during these unprecedented times.

A solution to fit the safety needs of your workforce. A comprehensive lone worker service.


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