Lone Worker Security for Home Healthcare Workers

Those in home healthcare services spend the majority of their time alone with just one other person opening them to increased risk of verbal and physical abuse.

Home healthcare workers are often at risk of verbal or physical assault not from the patients themselves but from patient family members and caregivers as well as the general public they may come into contact with in transit to their patient’s home. A potential assailant may be acting under the assumption that a home health nurse is carrying prescription drugs with them on a job or may simply notice the worker has a definite routine and views them as an easy target for robbery or worse.

Unfortunately, there are many real-life instances of assault on home healthcare workers. One of the more well-known cases occurred in January of 2012 when five men kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 53-year-old home healthcare nurse as she was preparing to visit a patient. This heightened an already growing fear for safety among healthcare nurses everywhere, as it pointed out their greatest fear: that this type of crime could happen anywhere and to anyone. The use of a personal safety device like the SoloProtect ID can largely help to mitigate situations like this and provide an instant, discreet connection to help when your staff need it most.