How to Beat the Heat at Work

What are the best ways you can prepare your employees against the harsh summer conditions? SoloProtect has the answer for you.

Beat the Heat at Work with Prevention and Attention

It’s hot and going outside isn’t always the preference for summer work, but sometimes it is a requirement. Your employees are your most valuable assets and keeping them in optimal care and securing their safety is not optional. Here are some of the dangers that the summer can pose and how you can combat them if they present themselves.

For outdoor workers, this will mean increased danger of heat related illness as well as other environmental risks like insect borne illness and water safety.

1. Wear light colored, breathable clothing - while your instinct will be to simply wear less, light, loose clothing is your best bet to stay cool. It will keep the sun off your skin and help increase air circulation around the body helping it to cool. A wide brimmed hat might not be your cup of tea, but it will keep the sun off the many thermoreceptors on your face. Employer Tip: provide outdoor staff with cool and comfortable uniforms in modern fabrics made for hot temperatures.

2. Drink more water - it’s easy to become dehydrated without noticing. Combat dehydration by keeping a reusable water bottle filled and drinking water every hour. For some people have a water bottle with time stamps is a helpful way to be reminded of your need for hydration. Employer Tip: provide all employees with water bottles and easy access to hydration.

3. Be careful of bugs - Make sure to regularly use bug spray when working outdoors. Insect borne illness can mean infection and possibility of disease if the situation is severe enough.
4. Stay informed and, when possible, inside - Some work naturally brings you outdoors, but be cognizant of when to work and when to wait by listening to weather reports. Employer Tip: Keep your employees informed on current

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