Always Protected with SoloProtect ID

SoloProtect ID is a discreet ID badge providing protection and security for lone workers. Whether your workforce is 5 or 5000, SoloProtect ID provides your employees the safetyand protection while they work alone.

Ask yourself this question: “Would your employees feel safe and know they could obtain assistance if they were threatened or injured while working alone?”

If you answered “No”…there are simple steps you can take to ensure safety is the number one priority for those employees that work alone. SoloProtect was created for this very reason – to help employers keep their lone workers safe and thus allowing lone workers to feel safe.

Check out all the SoloProtect ID badge features. These features enable you to fully understand what exactly happens when lone workers are faced in unsafe conditions or athreatening situation.

Here is how SoloProtect aids in helping:

Discreet operation during 'Red Alert'
Use the ‘Red Alert’ feature any time you feel your personal safety is being compromised. Once the red alert button is activated, a call is automatically connected to our SoloProtect Monitoring Center. You are able to stay fully alert, remain calm and keep eye contact, all
the while knowing that help is on the way.

24/7/365 Monitoring Center Support
The SoloProtect ID device links 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to the SoloProtect monitoring center with the simple push of a button. No matter the time of day, SoloProtect is always standing by to monitor.

Geolocation via GNSS for shorter time to fix / improve accuracy
Employees have the ability to use ‘Status Check’ to pre-record details of their location and/or to initiate a device timer. If they are ever in a compromising situation and at a location longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, the geolocation accuracy
helps pinpoint where they are at all times.

Incapacitation alarm
Incapacitation detection is used to raise an alert if you have fallen or collapsed. This is especially important when employees are working in unsafe weather conditions. The SoloProtect ID Badge will alert the operator should anything happen.

SoloProtect ID’s two-way audio allows an operator to talk directly to a user in the event they have been hurt and need help.

Rip Alarm
An automatic red alert is raised if the SoloProtect ID is forcibly removed from a user when worn on a lanyard.

Identifying hazards, assessing risks and establishing preventive control measures are all major factors that SoloProtect ID intuits within any organization when it comes to safety.

Employers are obligated to ensure the safety of lone workers. Thousands of employer’s trust SoloProtect ID with their lone worker safety concerns. You can too. Call us today to learn more.

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