Statement regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19):

A message to our customers, regarding our plans to ensure continuity of service.

Statement regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19):

A message to our customers, regarding our plans to ensure continuity of service.

As a result of the current global outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), SoloProtect wanted to reassure our customers by sharing information around some of the actions we’ve taken to protect our staff, our customers and ensure that your service remains uninterrupted.

Firstly, we understand this is a highly dynamic situation, and will continue to review and revisit the steps taken in the coming days, weeks and months. Our board and management teams are maintaining an ongoing vigilance regarding the latest information and advice, and we’ll adapt our plans accordingly as things develop.

We will maintain communication with our customers where needed – and any SoloProtect customer should contact our Customer Service department with any specific questions in this area.

The safety of our staff and the continuity of service to your lone workers, remains our key objective. We appreciate it is a concerning situation for many and will do our very best to remain focused on our roles and answer any questions our customers may have.

Staying Informed:

Visit for the latest health information from the federal government.

We have already instigated our Business Continuity Plans, having adapted them for the unique nature of the current situation with actions taken so far as follows:

• Working from home standard for all, where the role allows it.

• We have implemented “social distancing” throughout staff remaining within the office space.

• Access to our Monitoring Center has been restricted to essential personnel only.

• We have identified those colleagues within our teams who may be more vulnerable to contracting Coronavirus (Covid-19) and implemented actions, both technological and operational, to reduce the risk of transmission.

• We’re employing digital tools in order to maximize the use of virtual working and support the continuation of customer communication and meetings.

• We’ve implemented enhanced hygiene procedures and materials within the SoloProtect office environment including deeper office cleaning.

• Restricted on-site access for all personnel that have recently travelled to high-risk areas. If you have a planned visit to SoloProtect in the coming weeks, please contact our Customer Service department, prior to visit.

• We are stopping all unnecessary travel (other than the commute to and from the office for those who are unable to work from home).

• Where required, anyone displaying symptoms (high temperature or persistent cough) or known to have had direct contact with anyone suffering from Coronavirus (Covid-19) will be required to self-isolate for a period of fourteen days.

• Continuing to follow county-level, governmental advice regarding the ‘delay’ phase of the outbreak, and a range of sources including, and CDC guidelines.

Next steps?
SoloProtect will continue to respond to the developing situation with a contingency plan designed to ensure continuity of operations, without degradation of service for our customers.

In the meantime, if you require any further information, please contact SoloProtect.

Article Published 3/16/2020

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