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Mobile Workforce Management and Protection Platform

MWMP takes a completely new look at using an online portal to assist the safety and productivity of lone workers.

A secure online management tool, MWMP can be utilized to deliver a range of business benefits through varying functions. The platform helps every worker safety manager to improve business productivity while also providing a comprehensive lone worker security solution with the Identicom device.

Business Benefits of MWMP

  • Ability to locate staff
  • Better time-management
  • Ability to measure and improve efficiencies
  • Improved communication with mobile staff
  • Improved reporting mechanisms

Every business is different, and therefore has different and diverse needs operationally. MWMP allows operations to be managed effectively while reducing a variety of business risks.

Platform Features

Accurate location data and historic reporting

See a ‘breadcrumb trail’ of a user’s movement

View a user’s location in satellite, terrain or ‘Street View’ mode

Access information on how fast a user is traveling

Create geo-fences around a variety of locations and receive updates through a range of definable alerts

Create custom reports

Coordinate groups of workers with any number of permission levels as suited for your organization

Send text messages to staff groups quickly and efficiently

Re-deploy resources based on who is closest to a location

The platform is provided through a Google Maps style interface in the main screen with 75% of the screen allocated to the map. Traditional viewing functions such as zooming in and out, panning around different locations and viewing in a range of formats including terrain, satellite and ‘Street View’ are available. The remaining 25% of the page is assigned to list the various devices in that specific lone worker group. The respective locations of each lone worker in the selected group are overlaid in the map. Check out screenshots of the MWMP platform.