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SoloProtect Insights

Offering a user-friendly, streamlined approach to lone worker solution management.

SoloProtect Insights is our online, customer engagement portal giving simple implementation, management and metrics relating to their SoloProtect lone worker solution.

Whether it’s adding or editing existing end-users, device or escalation allocation, or accessing the integrated training materials – SoloProtect Insights provides 24/7 access to a wide range of user-friendly features designed to streamline the customer’s user experience.

Set up and support:

SoloProtect Insights utilizes an array of intuitive features, such as the helpful set up dashboard which presents concise and key metrics such as:

  • Number of lone worker devices and users in a customer’s account
  • Allocated devices and the staff member assigned
  • Number of incomplete User Profile forms
  • Devices that have no assigned escalation list

Wizard tooltips, visual indicators, and templates are used throughout the platform supplying users with supportive information needed to ensure they maximize the benefits that Insights offers. Should users be deploying the drag and drop feature, bulk uploading lone workers into groups, or allocating multiple workers to a device, users of the platform are advised and supported through each step.

Enhanced features such as the drag and drop management screens allow users to carry out administration tasks that would often be time-consuming, in a quick and efficient manner, including:

  • Manage end-users within groups
  • Add end-users to specific or multiple devices
  • Allocate escalation lists to devices
  • Viewing the status of a device

End-User Training

SoloProtect Insights gives all users access to a number of e-learning options that are embedded within the platform. Training is delivered through informative bite-sized videos, knowledge checks, hints and prompts, allowing for a quick and thorough training process with a full audit-trail. Once completed all end-users will be able to confidently use their SoloProtect lone worker device.

Adaptive Viewing 

Through the agnostic design users of SoloProtect Insights can view, update and carry out amendments from their mobile and tablet devices, as well as a laptop or computer. Affording greater flexibility, as users do not have to be in the office or at their desk to make a quick or urgent change.

Analytics in three key areas:

Within SoloProtect Insights, a solution manager can scroll between three dashboards giving useful and digestible information instantly. Helping with day-to-day management of a lone working team, to access data for monthly reporting, or for wider circulation across an organization supporting return on investment.

User Training and Analytics

User & Training Analytics

Solution onboarding is made a less daunting prospect with Insights. Easy set up of personnel, access for individual users to manage their own details, and online training support for users, accessible on PC, mobile device or tablet.


Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics:

Giving a lone worker manager accurate and up to date information on utilization across their team. Insights also helps address areas of training need, to identify usage patterns that might highlight a particular lone worker risk, and to build reporting to suit the needs of your organization.




Alarm Analytics

Alarm Analytics:

Use Insights to keep in touch with how alarm activity is breaking down across a team. Data showing incidences of genuine Red Alerts, Incapacitation alarms and false activations across the estate of lone worker devices.


Key benefits provided by SoloProtect Insights:

  • A dramatic reduction in time spent on lone worker solution administration.

  • Quick and easy ways to store important user contact information, working patterns or important medical details that may inform how a ‘Red Alert’ is best handled. Changes will then be live within the SoloProtect Monitoring Center in minutes.

  • A simple drag and drop style interface and the ability to bulk-upload users into groups, making it easier for customers to manage their lone workers and devices.

  • Accessible online training for administrators and end users, including knowledge check elements, supported by a full audit trail.

  • Agnostic design, allowing adaptive viewing capabilities for users and managers alike on their mobile devices, tablets, laptops and personal computers.

  • Easy access to a range of reporting, including monthly and weekly activity reports.

  • Secure platform. All requests within the platform use HTTPS using SSL for secure data transfers inline with industry standards. SoloProtect is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. 

SoloProtect Insights is available to all SoloProtect Customers. The platform forms a core support tool for all SoloProtect solutions and has been designed to evolve and encompass all existing and future SoloProtect lone worker products.

Need Access? If you're a SoloProtect Customer and not currently set-up on SoloProtect Insights, please contact Customer Support, and we'll arrange access for you.