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SoloProtect Implement a Living Wage Increase for All

SoloProtect implements a living wage increase for all employees via the generosity of Owner and Chairman, George Broady. In an effort to provide a proper living wage for all employees, the Chairman Pays It Forward.

(Dallas, TX) What is considered a proper living wage has been a widely discussed and highly controversial subject in the United States for a considerable amount of time. Many people believe that there are underpaid workers who do not receive fair compensation in return for their hard work. While the minimum wage has not yet been raised in the United States due to possible economic implications, SoloProtect Owner and Chairman, George Broady, took his employees’ proper pay scale into his own hands with a special announcement on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 to all SoloProtect employees.

During this time, Broady made the announcement that the company’s minimum wage would be increased to $17.00 an hour. Additionally, anyone making more than $17.00 an hour currently, would receive proportional adjustments up to a threshold, but that everyone in the company up to but not including the Vice President level, would receive a minimum of a $2,000 increase to their proper living wage.


“People with wealth usually pass this wealth on to their children, charities or something similar. What I’ve noticed is that none of it goes to the employees of the company that helped the people gain wealth,” said Broady.


Broady, along with John Broady, son and CEO, and Dennis Mason, President, recognizes the hard work that every single SoloProtect employee put forth and realize that some of the least compensated are those that work around the clock to ensure clients are taken care of. This is how they came to the executive decision to give back to these employees in order to provide a proper pay scale via George Broady’s own generosity.

During this meeting, many employees expressed their sincere gratitude, respect, and admiration for Broady.

“I think you are a model, and I think it’s very exciting. I hope others in many industries will follow your lead,” said Karin Walsh, VP of Finance and Human Relations, to Broady in response to the news.
This new compensation schedule will take effect in June 2015. Company members will meet with their managers individually in order to determine how exactly this affects their own compensation. Video on the announcement is available to the public and was provided to employees to share with family and friends in social media. View extended footage on the proper living wage and internal minimum wage package.

Article Published 5.19.2015