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What's new and what's next with Kevin Fielder

We check in with our new Director of North American Sales, Kevin Fielder.

Director of North American Sales, Kevin Fielder

After over 29 years with his previous employer, SoloProtect’s Director of North American Sales was ready for a new opportunity. Kevin Fielder joined SoloProtect 6 months ago and has brought enthusiasm for the product and the people. “I love my job, I love who I work for, and I love who I work with. Everybody cares about the customer and making sure that we’re not just successful as individuals, but successful as a company.”

In these first 6 months Kevin has already inspired growth, encouraging his team to see the potential in an untapped market and championing ingenuity which has quickly delivered returns. “We’re starting to see things from new viewpoints. It’s important to understand who you’re talking to and where the customer is coming from.” 

Customer focused sales is Kevin’s specialty and speaks to the heart of SoloProtect. Helping cutomers understand how to remove risks and how they can be served has resonated throughout the SoloProtect team. CEO John Broady remarked, “Kevin has brought a whole new level of energy and knowledge to SoloProtect. His deep expertise in the oil & gas sector, along with his decades of experience in the cellular industry, has already opened new doors for us. Kevin is a true sales leader and embodies SoloProtect’s core values.”

While forging new ground always comes with challenges, Kevin prefers to see these as opportunities. “In a game of pool, the great players aren’t just looking for the next shot, they’re looking three shots ahead. That’s what we need to do as a sales team, we need to look three steps ahead.” He urges his team to continually step out of their comfort zone and discover the full potential of what they can achieve in their position.

What’s up next for the SoloProtect sales team? Kevin is ready to see his team triple sales in the next three years and has the outlook and experience to make sure they succeed. “We get to pave the road and not just drive on it. We get to set direction and provide the leadership to get there.”

Article Published 5.4.2018