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SoloProtect ID: Proven Safety Devices to Protect Lone Workers

Deployed by more than 150,000 lone workers worldwide.

The award-winning SoloProtect ID lone worker wireless ID badge is the most widely used dedicated device of its kind worldwide. The product has a growing international presence and is helping lone workers to reduce risks to their personal safety all around the world with over 150,000 devices in circulation.

Key features of SoloProtect ID

  • Discreet ID Badge Holder Form (Lanyard and Lapel/Belt Clip Options Available)
  • Easy to Use
  • Recorded Check-In Capability
  • Ability to Capture Audio Evidence of an Incident
  • Direct Link to our Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC)
  • Automatic Man Down alert with two-way voice
  • GPS 
  • 3G Enabled
  • SoloProtect Ready2TalkSM non-alarm function  


Core Device Functions

At its core, the SoloProtect ID serves as a wireless ID badge that creates an audio call to our emergency dispatch center when activated by the user.

  • Device Check- initial check provides visual feedback on GSM network signal strength, battery life and initiates a GPS location fix
  • Status Check- Ability to record a short message allows a lone worker to provide any important contextual information prior to performing an activity. Ex. A hotel housekeeping staff member can pre-record the floor and room number prior to entering a guest's room. This becomes a necessary and useful back-up when in a high-rise building, etc. Another example is in a situation where a social worker may have encountered agitated behavior on a prior visit and wants to provide that information prior to entering the home.
  • Red Alert- initiates a one-way audio communication channel between the SoloProtect device and our Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC) at the push of a button. The audio call is automatically date/time stamped, recorded and stored in a digital format. The recordings can be made available as needed and serve as a valuable risk management tool for our clients.
  • Auto 'Man Down'- initiated based on surpassing a pre-set tilt threshold and non-movement time allotment (customizable) and equipped with a two-way voice communication so that users and operators can talk to one another if the user is able.