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SoloProtect ID - Dedicated Device vs. Cell Phone?

Why a cell phone is not as useful as you might think...

A lone worker is frequently issued a cell phone as a standard piece of equipment to carry or asked to use their own for work purposes. While there are practical communication benefits to this, they are primarily operational and it is sometimes misconceived that a cell phone will be equally useful to a lone worker during a social-risk situation.

There are several advantages gained by using a dedicated employee Cell Phonesafety device like the SoloProtect ID over a cell phone - the key one being discretion. During a verbal abuse situation, one of the last things a person can do is discreetly reach for a cell phone to call for help.

It’s an overt action that will be obvious to any aggressor and could prove to be the factor that tips the balance in an already tense situation. Once the aggressor takes the phone from the user, they have now lost their ability to call for help and may even have the phone used against them. This is often a key factor in the decision to use a dedicated device.

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The merits of the SoloProtect ID over a cell phone:

  • Ready in the case of a ‘Red Alert’ – raising an alarm in a situation of social aggression or environmental risk is the primary purpose of the device. A user can reach the help they need at the push of a button as opposed to getting their cell phone out of a purse or pocket and dialing emergency services while trying to fend off an aggressor.
  • The ability to initiate an alarm discreetly – it only takes a single button press to initiate a ‘Red Alert’ on the SoloProtect ID and it SoloProtect IDcan be done without breaking eye-contact or alerting an aggressor.
  • Wearable – the SoloProtect ID employee safety device is worn on a lanyard or belt-clip, always within reach for a lone worker.
  • Accreditation – the SoloProtect Monitoring Center is ETL listed for compliance to the UL827 standard and a member of the Monitoring Center Association with AEMD certified Monitoring Center operators.
  • Dedicated Monitoring Center – opening a discreet ‘Red Alert’ allows monitoring to commence prior to events spiraling out of control. This enables a lone worker to concentrate on managing the situation at hand, knowing that our Monitoring Center Operator will escalate the alarm in line with police guidelines when appropriate.
  • Feedback – when a ‘Red Alert’ alarm is raised, a device user is given reassurance that we’re listening via a discreet vibration pattern on the device, reoccurring every ten seconds - like a heartbeat.

For more information about how SoloProtect could help your lone workers, please contact us.