How To Mitigate the Business Risks of Lone Working.

Recognition of safety and health risks is the goal of safety at work. Any job has its safety risks. SoloProtect provides the ultimate safeguard in mitigating risk in the workplace

Mitigating risk of workplace safety begins with SoloProtect.  When each of us, management and employee, are actively engaged in injury risk reduction, the hope of every worker arriving safely back home after a day’s work can be realized. SoloProtect provides the ultimate safeguard in risk reduction, assisting companies with solutions to limit business risks of lone workers.

SoloProtect provides the industry-leading solution for worker safety whatever the worker’s field. Lone workers have the means of immediate communication with assistance when facing an emergency. They may work alone, but no one faces danger or difficulty alone when they have SoloProtect.

SoloProtect is the ultimate safeguard in risk reduction providing businesses with lone worker safety solutions, dynamic risk assessment, and effective training for workers and managers. With SoloProtect, no one is left to face risk on his own. Providing user training and a dedicated customer support team, SoloProtect extends a comprehensive and affordable solution to worker security and industry-leading emergency communications. For more information, contact SoloProtect at 866-632-6577.

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