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Lone Worker Safety Blog for Workplace Safety & Protection

SoloProtect US lone worker safety blog resources on employee monitoring for workplace safety - workplace safety environmental issues and workplace violence prevention for lone worker safety

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Safety and Efficiency Within Home Healthcare Industries

Making sure that a company’s employees are working efficiently is important. It’s also as important to make sure employees are working safely.

Felicia Encinas

By Felicia Encinas, Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager SoloProtect
Posted on September 6 2019

The Psychology of Lone Working

Lone workers face unique workplace risks that can take a toll on their physical, mental, and emotional health. We examine the psychological toll of lone working and what can be done to help.

Kevin Fielder

By Kevin Fielder, North American Director of Sales SoloProtect LLC
Posted on February 5 2019

New Year, New Workplace Safety Measures

Was improving workplace safety one of your resolutions? Here's how to make sure your safety programs, policies and protections thrive this year.

Jenny Dunne

By Jenny Dunne, Marketing Executive SoloProtect
Posted on January 31 2019

International bright young thing?

As analysts Berg Insights announce an increase in the usage of lone worker solutions in Europe and North America, we discuss what is going to push the balance further towards greater adoption and better safety for lone workers around the world.

Rob Harris

By Rob Harris, Senior Marketing Manager SoloProtect UK
Posted on January 4 2019

Our Favorite Holiday Memories...

The SoloProtect Team shares their favorite memories and wishes you a very happy holiday!

Jenny Dunne

By Jenny Dunne, Marketing Executive SoloProtect
Posted on December 21 2018

What We're Thankful For...

The SoloProtect team shares what they're grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Jenny Dunne

By Jenny Dunne, Marketing Executive SoloProtect
Posted on November 26 2018

Winter is Coming!

Autumn and winter bring with them a plethora of environmental risks for workers to consider, risks that may not have existed just a few short weeks ago.

 Shaun Keyzers

By Shaun Keyzers, Content Marketing Executive SoloProtect
Posted on November 9 2018

Retail Red Alert

Let's pull back the curtain and show exactly what happens when a lone worker faces danger and calls for help.

Olivia Kinney

By Olivia Kinney, Marketing Executive SoloProtect
Posted on October 30 2018

Real Safety

Making safety protocol a priority for Realtors.

Lee Coleman

By Lee Coleman, Market Development Officer SoloProtect
Posted on September 27 2018

Managing the Risk: Home Health Care

How can companies prepare their home health employees for the moment that aggression turns into abuse?

Jenny Dunne

By Jenny Dunne, Marketing Executive SoloProtect
Posted on September 20 2018