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New Year, More Informed You

Nothing marks a new year like the swathes of New Year’s resolutions; it is the classic catalyst for life changes. People get inspired to aim for all sorts of transformation, from starting a daily journal to training for a marathon, or even becoming handier by building a chicken coop. While there’s nothing wrong with striving to live better, too-high expectations can make change quite unrealistic. So, how can you actually bring about much-needed change in your life? While helping you fulfill your resolution of building a chicken coop may not be our forte, helping make a safer you is.

Even if employers do the responsible deed of setting their workers up with lone worker safety devices, like the SoloProtect ID, employees must use it consistently, and properly, to reap the benefits. Using the device over time, combined with not experiencing any ‘Red Alert’ situations may lead to an employee to become relaxed with their device usage. Employers must stay aware of this possibility and continue to facilitate and encourage device usage. All it takes is one violent situation to change everything. The new year is the perfect time to take measures to remind employees of the importance of utilizing their lone worker solution.

While magically changing into a new you when the clock strikes midnight would be the easiest way to get better work safety habits, at SoloProtect we’ve put together a realistic list to make changing your habits a bit easier.

If your company hasn’t found the right lone worker safety solution yet, look at your SoloProtect options here to take the first step in changing work safety habits.

The Basics: Bring your charged device with you.

Home Alone – Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. SoloProtect ID? Check! A device left at home is no use to you. Add it to your list of must-haves as you leave for work in the morning, and treat it as an indispensable part of your work uniform.

Powerless – Incorporate charging your safety device into your daily routine. Use charging your cell phone at home or in the car as a reminder to plug your SoloProtect ID in as well. You don’t want to worry about losing battery in the middle of your work day.

The Overlooked: Utilize the reassuring capabilities of your device.

Status Checks – Continue to be proactive about your safety at work by leaving regular ‘Status Checks’. This SoloProtect ID function is an extremely valuable tool for providing contextual information: where you are, what you’re doing, and any apparent risks. All of these can help us find you quicker in the event of a genuine 'Red Alert.’

Device Check – Be sure that your device is ready for action. Prior to entering a situation, premise, or meeting, a quick ‘Device Check’ lets you know your battery life and mobile signal strength. The ‘Device Check’ results will assist your dynamic risk assessment and inform you whether to enter a certain situation or make an alternative choice.

The Extra: Beyond the device, keep your whereabouts evident.

Location, Location, Location – At the very least, keep others informed about your location when you’re working alone. Since risk is amplified with no one to help or raise the alarm, staying vigilant will help diminish this risk.

These simple changes in your work routine can have incredible safety enhancements. Keep these up and, from everyone at SoloProtect, have a great, and safe 2018!

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