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Top 5 Safety Tips for Labor Day Weekend

FireworksWe all know the drill: you clock out on Friday to head home for a long weekend of grilling and relaxation with family and friends. Labor Day offers a time to celebrate our contributions to the workforce and a welcome break as summer comes to a close. Labor Day also happens to be a weekend with some of the highest injury and fatality rates as relaxation and revelry end up going overboard. The NSC estimates that 400 people will be involved in fatal car accidents and approximately 48,000 will experience non-fatal injuries that require medical attention. With statistics like that, it’s important to make sure that safety takes priority as we head into the holiday. Here are our top 5 tips for staying injury-free this weekend:

Seatbelt Seat Belts On: Over half of those involved in fatal motor vehicle injuries were not wearing a seat belt. Be sure that the whole family clicks-in before setting out this weekend as other drivers have a higher likelihood of impairment or intoxication.

Road Drive Defensively: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 40% of traffic deaths during the 2015 Labor Day holiday weekend involved alcohol. If you know you’ll be on the road, stay sober or elect a designated driver to make sure you get home safely. Make your travel safety plans ahead of time and stick to them leaving plenty of time for delays. Stay alert and use caution when driving keeping plenty of distance from impaired drivers.


Water bottle Stay Cool: The forecast around the country predicts high temperatures and heat-related illness can come on quickly. Stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks indoors or in cool, shaded areas. Take a look at our best tips for heat safety here.



Sparkler Use Caution with Fireworks: Nothing says celebration quite like fireworks, but when used improperly they can swiftly turn happiness to hazard. Be sure that you are using fireworks legally and never let young children play with or set off fireworks. Keep a safe distance and have a bucket of water nearby for quickly extinguishing when necessary.


Pool Watch the Water: If you’re spending time at the pool, beach, or lake, pay extra attention to little ones and be sure that you’re celebrating responsibly. A lack of attention or overindulgence can easily lead to distraction, injury, or even fatalities. Make sure life vests are being properly used, swimming is monitored, and watersports equipment is being used safely and appropriately.

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