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Building Client Relationships

At SoloProtect, our primary objective is to provide effective technology and solutions for companies to keep their lone workers safe. We value safety practices and hope our complimentary educational whitepapers and blogs can assist in informing the market about the risks to the lone worker face.

Every employer has an obligation to ensure that workers perform their duties in safe environments and can come home at the end of the day. The goal of our company is to encourage a positive impact for both the end users and the client's firm. We seek to update our customers and promote awareness about the risks employees face and provide a safety backbone for a firm. The buzz around lone worker safety is increasing every year and we firmly believe that having a solution to mitigate the risks workers face is valuable for a company's image and employees' safety.

In this blog, we will discuss the five principles we use to ensure we are fostering a positive relationship with clients.

All positive relationships begin with communication. We understand that many people in the industry are not aware of the risks that some lone workers face. Due to this fact, it is important that we communicate and share our knowledge around this topic.

Our educational content creates a foundation upon which we hope to build long lasting relationships with existing and prospective customers. Awareness of the risks that lone workers face is the first step toward using that information in a positive manner to revamp procedures or lone worker policies.

A big factor in building positive relationships with clients is listening to their needs. We take pride in researching our clients' needs and interacting with them regularly to gauge how we can improve our services and solutions. By listening to our clients, we ensure that our products are geared to fit our customer's needs.

Honestly is the core feature of all positive communication. At SoloProtect, we are committed to honesty and integrity in all that we do. This principle is our primary core value.

Core Values

The process of building a positive relationship involves us getting to know our clients and them getting to know us. SoloProtect operates by a set of core values that guide our staff in developing positive relationships with our clients. They include:

1. Honesty, integrity and transparency – Value is created when we deliver honest work. We are up front and never cut corners.
2. Customer first, always - We believe in taking care of our customers. We empower our team to do what needs to be done.
3. Do what is right - We trust our team to do what is right, and our people know what it means to “do right.”
4. Excellence and quality in everything we do - Because who wants to be average.
5. Keep growing - Here and outside of work. We foster a culture of personal and professional growth.

Creating a positive impact on lone workers lives and building a mutually-beneficial relationship with our clients truly differentiates our solutions from the rest. Once clients have purchased our solution, we continue to engage and nurture them via training, customer service, and educational content. We go the extra mile to form a positive relationship with our clients and provide them with best lone worker solutions on the market.

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