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Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

The goal of any safety professional, and in fact all members of a company as a whole, is to ensure the safety of all employees. A typical workplace safety strategy involves assessing and identifying all possible hazards, risks and safety shortcomings that a company faces and providing guidelines and procedures for both the prevention and management of these risks. Because this is such an essential aspect of workplace safety, this blog post will identify some hazards and/or shortcomings to be especially cognizant of by naming some of the most common causes of workplace injuries nationally.

Lack of Workplace Safety Enforcement and/or Compliance

This responsibility falls both on employers and their employees. It is a huge commonality for employees to ignore safety procedures and guidelines simply due to the “It will never happen to me” mentality that so many people hold. On top of that, they place priority on their job task at hand and therefore place all their focus on getting that job done as opposed to any safety measures.

This is why enforcement of workplace safety is paramount for employers. If an employer is not actively and REGULARLY illustrating why safety guidelines are in place and why they are so important and ensuring that they are being followed, employees are likely to ignore them, in turn making themselves that much more susceptible to workplace accidents and injuries. For an example of a workplace strategy to put in place along with methods of enforcement, see our free guide: “Employee Monitoring for Safety: How it Works.”


Fatigue can occur from a lack of sleep or simply from working too hard and long without interruption. This can affect both mental and physical strength. In the case of mental impairment, this can cause an employee to overlook details, react slower in any situation and make decisions that they might not otherwise make. Physical impairment can cause accidents due to the employee’s body not being able to handle the strains that it usually can handle.

In order to avoid injuries caused by fatigue, employees should take care of their bodies and get an appropriate amount of sleep. Employers should stress the importance of this and allow for proper breaks and hours spent working.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are consistently large contributors to workplace injuries year after year. In many cases with slips and trips, this can be attributed to poor workplace maintenance. Worksites should be well maintained and organized in order to avoid slips and trips due to slippery areas not properly dried or marked, obstruction of pathways via objects such as extension cords or unkept areas, such as floorboards, giving out.

Falls often occur due to lack of proper safety precaution involving certain tools and machines or specific worksites. This further drives our first point on this list. Proper safety measures must be set in place for hazardous situations, including working in high up areas.

Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, workplace environments are not the only things that impose a threat workplace safety. People can do this as well. Workplace violence can be domestic situations that are carried over into the workplace, business related situations brought on by colleagues or completely random situations carried out by strangers. Emphasis on building security and employee relations should be considered to help reduce the chance of violence.

These are some of the many common causes of workplace injuries that should be paid attention to when providing workplace safety measures for your company. For workplace injuries causes, see this article by Houston Chronicle. To learn more about SoloProtect’s role in workplace safety, visit

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