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Does your lone worker device need to move with the times?


In the lone worker industry, you pick up a lot of shared experiences when talking to customers, other industry bodies, or indeed colleagues and competitors. This is a great strength, but the flip-side is that you can sometimes get into a way of talking about or describing something that becomes fixed – somehow without acknowledging that many things are prone to evolving in line with how people access and engage with the subject matter of our industry, and what we do.

The term “lone worker device” for instance, is one example. It’s a broad term from a device perspective ranging from a simple, “noise making” panic button at one end of the spectrum, up to a sophisticated 4G, geolocation, or even video-enabled device at the other. Sure, it covers a wide range of device form factors and applications, but in a desire to hit home to employers that lone workers need support, perhaps as the industry matures the term is not entirely helpful when thinking about the safety of other sections of staff that work differently.

Risk is not exclusive to working alone:

Despite the moniker “Lone Worker Device,” it’s important that device users are trained to use the technology with which they’ve been equipped, even when not working alone. Employees working with others are still owed the same duty of care by their employer, and have homes and families to go back to at the end of the working day, so personal safety remains just as important.

So, if “Lone Worker Device” for one business must be a “Personal Safety Device” for another, that’s absolutely within their remit to decide. As a solution supplier, we support better personal safety full stop. The terms are not opposing, and the route taken should be entirely driven by the policy and the culture that any adopting organization is looking to promote. Like any platform for successful safety, staff should be suitably engaged, included, and trained throughout the process of selection and implementation and beyond.

Staff engagement plays a key role:

At SoloProtect we’re increasingly seeing our customers utilize “Personal Safety Devices” as a key descriptor for solutions within their business. They strive for a greater personal safety culture while encouraging and supporting staff throughout the process.

Ultimately it’s for our customers to decide what fits best within the framework of their organization – we’re just delighted to work alongside them to assist them in achieving their personal safety goals. Any worker alarm receives the same 24/7 Monitoring Center support whether lone working or otherwise, with incident verification and appropriate alarm escalation in line with Police guidelines, getting the best possible response to the worker as soon as possible.


In June 2018, SoloProtect announced a new generation of worker safety with the launch of the SoloProtect ID Pro, a discreet ID badge, dedicated lone worker device with Body Worn Video.

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