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Employer Benefits of a Lone Worker Solution

What do your lone worker solutions say about your company?

According to OSHA, 4836 workers were killed in the workplace in 2015. These numbers are up from previous years, which shows that the problem of lone worker safety has not been addressed in many organizations.

Employees recognize when their employer is in their corner and supports policies and solutions to improve their work lives. Lone workers are often performing work duties in a non-traditional workplace environment where risks of injury or attack are increased. The majority of lone workers feel uncomfortable on occasion and potentially at risk while on the job. Employers can bridge that safety gap and provide lone workers with solutions that can help decrease the risks they face. After successfully solving this issue and implementing a lone worker solution an employer will notice an improvement in morale and culture. Solving this issue can also help protect a firm’s bottom line and protect the brand.

Protecting Your Brand
If an incident were to occur with a lone worker, the company could be held accountable and face legal ramifications. In order to protect the brand, employers must develop and implement strategies to address this complex issue. We encourage employers to create lone worker policies and build emergency plans of action that can be easily executed. Some jobs are inherently dangerous and employers should be prepared for incidents and thereby ensure that their brand is protected.

Improving Morale
You may not know that improving employees well-being and over-all safety also increases morale. We all know that happy employees work harder and create a better workplace atmosphere, but it is easy to forget that safety factors into that happiness as well. Employees are rarely happy at work if they feel at risk doing their jobs. It is important for employees to improve lone worker safety in order to maintain and improve company morale.

Improving Culture
Creating positive company culture can be one of the most challenging obstacles for any organization. It involves not only instituting employee-focused policies but also requires addressing the way that employees view the firm. When employees see that an employer is genuinely implementing policies and solutions that improve their lives and safety, they become more loyal. Companies that show how much they value their employees tend to have less turnover and higher morale. Lone worker solutions effectively demonstrate a company’s commitment to the safety of its employees and will be reflected in employees’ faith in and commitment to the company.

The statistics show that injuries are on the rise, which means employers have the obligation to step up their protection of lone workers. As a society, we need to buck this tread and protect our most important asset which is our employees. The SoloProtect ID is the latest and most technologically-advanced device on the market designed to help mitigate the risk and liability that lone workers face.
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