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Every Second Counts | Lone Worker Safety

Every Second Counts

Employees workingalone on the job face risks – both social and environmental.

It may not always be apparent, but working alone is a very common practice, carried out daily. Whether it’s a nurse providing care within the community, a retail worker closing the store at the end of the day, or a plumber being called ‘after hours’, to a customer’s home -lone working takes place all the time.

While working alone is perfectly legal, employers are responsible for the safety of each employee and need to consider the risks that their workforce may face.

Unfortunately, workers can be subject to elements of social or environmental risk during their working day. Examples can range from accidents such as slips, trips and falls, to be the subject of physical or verbal abuse from members of the public - risks which are heightened when working alone. Therefore, it’s imperative that employers do everything possible to safeguard their workforce.

If your lone worker employee experiences a medical emergency during travel to their remote worksite, how would they reach out for help? Every second counts in a lone worker emergency.

This is the exact reason SoloProtect was created. SoloProtect’s safety device can be activated discretely when a worker encounters a situation that makes them uncomfortable. The simple push of the ‘Red Alert’ button instantly connects with our Monitoring Center who are listening, recording and escalating the call 24/7/365.


The benefits of a ‘Red Alert’

  • 24/7/365 access to comprehensive Monitoring Center support - the lone worker is always in control
  • Discreet operation via the quick press of a button – crucial in potentially hostile environments
  • Lone workers dealing with an immediate threat can be reassured that their situation is being monitored, and appropriately escalated
  • Offers end users peace of mind that help is always there when needed most

The ‘Red Alert’ is part of the core functionality of all SoloProtect lone worker devices, available as part of a comprehensive, , lone worker solution.

In any genuine ‘ Red Alert’ situation, rest assured that SoloProtect will be there to protect your lone worker. Every second counts in a lone worker emergency. SoloProtect Emergency Dispatch Center operators take less than 60 seconds to identify a potential lone worker safety threat and then starts to escalate it accordingly.

It's more than a panic button – it’s peace of mind. To learn more about how our Monitoring Center could be appropriately escalating your lone worker emergency within 60 seconds, visit today!

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