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Announcing the SoloProtect ID Pro at Safety and Health Expo 2018 capped an exciting first half of the year for us. It was the result of a lot of hard work across every part of the organization and a genuine innovation that heralds the dawn of a new generation of lone worker safety.

We wanted our launch activity to deliver a greater breadth of application and stand apart from other devices operating in the market. It became clear that employers wanted the option to proactively communicate with their workforce during real-time risk. ID Pro’s risk messaging capabilities and progression from audio alone to both video and audio represent real technological advancements in lone worker safety.

The SoloProtect ID Pro is an incredibly exciting launch for us. It delivers clear innovation into the lone worker market – one that has typically addressed lone worker risks with audio-based solutions since the industry’s inception. Video verification combined with audio, is one of the many things that makes SoloProtect ID Pro stand out from the crowd, and I had the pleasure of presenting on understanding the benefits of live video at the Lone Worker and Driver Safety Theatre while at the Safety and Health Expo 2018.

As well as discussing the benefits of video verification compared with audio alone, I also discussed further things to consider when deploying a lone worker solution complete with live video streaming. To see the whole presentation please check out the video below.

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