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Lone Worker Safety: Why Discretion Matters

Lone Worker Safety: Why Discretion Matters

The definition of ‘discretion’ says that it is wise to be careful and to avoid unnecessary risks. When understanding the needs of a lone worker, confronted with those intent on physical aggression or verbal assault, being discreet in how you call for assistance is extremely important.

It is understanding this simple concept that was instrumental in the design of the SoloProtect Identicom. For lone workers at risk, if an incident should occur or uncertainty about safety exist then in the eyes and minds of a lone worker, the ability to simply raise an alert is all important. To be able to press a single button, without the need to break eye contact with an aggressor allows them to focus hard on the situation in hand either calming the situation or retreating. But all the while, Identicom has discreetly raised its alert to the SoloProtect 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC) / Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) allowing an operator to listen and dispatch assistance.

When I first looked at the design required from a lone working device, having talked to hundreds of lone workers who had described the above risks, it was very evident to me that having a device that is both worn and used discreetly was top of the wish list. It’s a fundamental point that marks SoloProtect’s lone worker safety device out as different from all the other ‘panic button’ type devices available today.

Back in 2003 when the SoloProtect lone worker safety device was first introduced to the market, it was an immediate hit with those workers who faced these risks, often every day. Unlike their managers perhaps, they immediately understood the concept and appreciated the fact that this wasn’t just a panic button, instead it was part of their daily corporate look. They were already used to wearing or carrying an ID card so it caused no conscious shift in how they worked. Leaving home or the office in the morning means a sub-conscious routine collecting together the items needed for the day ahead:keys, purse, ID, etc.

The management of those early adopters quickly came to appreciate the benefits of this discreet alarm. It meant their staff became more productive because they were able to focus better on the job in hand whilst safe in the knowledge they can call for assistance easily and discreetly if needed. Unlike trying to use a cell phone, workers were not putting themselves in further harm’s way by trying to use an obvious device. Furthermore, as a result of discreet activation, audio evidence of an incident is captured which in turn allows the employer to be better placed to defend their workers in any follow-up actions after an incident. Ask lone workers if they get verbal abuse (threats, foul language, racial abuse, sexual abuse) and many will tell you it’s a daily occurrence. Such abuse is unacceptable in this day and age and has a significant impact on a worker’s well being. In a one-on-one confrontation, with Identicom it is now possible to capture evidence and help support the worker better.

So from this simple early concept of understanding the need for discretion, SoloProtect has developed into the world’s leading lone worker security supplier. The devil, as they say, is always in the detail. For more information about SoloProtect, visit

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