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Municipalities Utilizing Technology to Increase Efficiency

Municipalities Utilizing Technology to Increase Efficiency in Labor

As new technologies emerge, the landscape of the jobsite changes dramatically based on how technologies are utilized. While many jobs aren’t affected too much by such changes, many companies are utilizing it to make their jobsite(s) more efficient.

Newer technologies in the workplace have the capacity to increase productivity. SoloProtect was established with the aim of just this - improving the safety and the productivity of lone workers. Municipalities utilizing tech to solve problems or stop problems in their tracks, and to decrease safety incidents, are at the forefront of future growth. SoloProtect offers solutions that protect municipality employees and gives them the peace of mind they need in order to increase efficiency in labor. SoloProtect understands that safety and productivity go hand in hand.

OSHA estimates that nearly 2 million people report being victims of workplace violence every year. Employees are frequently faced with unforeseen risks on the job and violence in the workplace seems to be a troubling trend. The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to provide their employees with a place of employment that is “free from recognized hazards that are causing, or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm."

When employees feel safe and protected, it can help to increase morale and retention. SoloProtect ID is the most widely used lone worker safety device with more than 250,000 units in use worldwide. Uniquely styled as an ID badge, SoloProtect ID is an easy-to-wear and discreet-to-use panic button. Equipped with GPS and Auto 'Incapacitation', SoloProtect ID is the ideal device for lone workers.
Providing employees safety tools that enable them to feel supported can also help to boost confidence. This is why municipalities must focus on taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety for all employees - especially the employees working alone. Enhanced security and safety measures not only encourage a healthy morale among employees, but also promote the image of municipalities as responsible and accountable community partners.
Municipalities rely on SoloProtect to help mitigate risk. Enabling SoloProtect technology enables lone workers to feel more connected to their employers. Typically, employees who feel their employer is heavily invested in their safety, are less likely to look for employment elsewhere.

For more information about technology that can make your business more efficient, contact SoloProtect today.

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