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Our SoloProtect Monthly Safety Training Webinars

Our SoloProtect Monthly Safety Training Webinars 

As a trainer at SoloProtect, I’m very excited to be hosting a monthly recurring online safety training webinar for new and current clients. It allows those who may need a refresher of the SoloProtect Identicom device. In some instances, it even allows me to introduce for the first time to others. Clients are trained with standard service, as well as options, such as Ready2Talk and 'Incapacitation'. Before I actually begin webinar, my pre-work and prep includes contacting the manager or user’s supervisor to secure job title, duties and/or responsibilities. Obtaining that information allows me to connect and create scenarios of how the device can be used by providing examples.

I love to include my participants in the safety training by allowing them to share, comment and encouraging them to ask questions. It makes them feel that they are a part of the webinar training process. First, I ask, “What kind of social risks do you encounter?” I also ask, “Do you have any environmental risks?” This opens up dialogue with working alone questions such as, “What if an emergency arose?”, “What would you do? Reach for your mobile phone?” Well, that could actually accelerate the situation into something more dangerous. “How about being more discreet?”

During my first monthly webinar, participants, home sales representatives in this case in particular, mentioned that there are some instances where some potential homebuyers have made them feel uncomfortable or they were not there for legitimate home buying business at all. Of course, I have heard this in many previous safety training sessions that I have held. When people tell me information like this, I ask them what they normally do in those instances. In this webinar, a common response was, “As long as they didn’t ‘put their hands on me,’ I wouldn’t call the police.” I shared with them this would be a great example of how you would use your SoloProtect device, as it allows for discretionary monitoring the very moment that someone feels uncomfortable.

As far as the actual training procedure goes, during the webinar, I give them a high overview of the device buttons and explain the features of each. Then we roll up our sleeves for some hands on experience. I introduce each particular button and/or feature’s purpose and have them practice using these features (It should be noted that we switch the devices to training mode during our webinars so that no actual calls are placed to our emergency monitoring center). In addition, I provide examples of how these would be used in day to day scenarios so they can relate.

Receiving positive feedback reinforces our company goal of making our clients feel safer while working alone. Participants have responded positively with comments such as, “this is much better than our other ‘panic button’,” “we needed this a long time ago,” “this makes plenty of sense to have,” and “at least someone will be virtually there, if I need some help”. It also builds trust and they become an advocate and champion of the SoloProtect Identicom device.

Everything considered, providing this additional training, if needed, to our current customers has allowed us to provide an even further integral measure of support to them. The sessions have been going very well and participation has been better than predicted. It is a great way to sync up with the right people amongst all of our busy schedules to ensure that they are properly using their device and stressing that their safety is of the utmost importance.

This webinar is held the second Tuesday of every month at 10 am CST. Interested in attending one of the sessions. Register here.

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