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Preventing Workplace Incidents From Occurring

Why do Incidents Occur?

We all know that accidents happen without warning, but if the root problem in safety is addressed prior to an employee being exposed to hazardous working environments the chances of incidents are decreased.

Employers that identify safety issues, and address the needs of their workforce, can have a huge impact on how health and safety is viewed within the organization and create a culture that integrates rigid safeguarding structures. Employers understanding of their employee’s duties and working environment can best help them in building a safety plan and providing a solution to meet their needs.

With this in mind, lets take a look at some useful tips to help allay the severity of an incident.

When we think of safety we must understand the safest employers are those with best training and the most knowledge of their environment, the conditions of their workplace and the potential risks. This knowledge can only be achieved through training and experience. Employers should provide suitable training and comply with OSHA standards to ensure employees are well prepared when working in hazardous environments.

Due Diligence
As an employer, it is your duty to know the environment your employees are working in. Ignoring this can cost a firm both financially and with brand reputation damage. Understanding the work environment from your employee’s perspective means investigating and doing regular scheduled inspections. When an environment is not up to code an employer must act and halt employees from working until the job site is elevated to suitable working conditions.

Policies and Procedures
Before a lone worker goes to a work site they should be briefed and tested to ensure they’re suitable to undertake their duties. The best way to ensure employees are prepared and are aware of best working practices is by implementing policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all working activities should take place within the boundaries set by them. You should have policies and procedures for all aspects of the day-to-day operations of your organization, and if you don’t you’re failing to meet your duty of care to your workforce.

Equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) makes jobs easier and safer to handle and can help employees perform their duties efficiently. Employers that provide equipment or PPE to employees must always be sure employees operating and setting up that equipment have been properly trained. Employees should also use the appropriate equipment or PPE for its intended purpose, and not improvise if the job calls for use of a different piece of equipment. Using the correct tools and being well trained can greatly decrease the risks of an incident occurring.

As an organization, you must dedicate the necessary resources to a department or individual to oversee and enforce health and safety procedures. It’s important to promote an effective and safe culture within your company. No one can predict when and incident will occur but there are ways to decrease the likelihood and/or severity if one does occur. Providing safe working conditions and making sure the company is operating up to OSHA’s standards should be the highest priority for an employer.

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