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The Importance of Credible Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

The Importance of Credible Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Imagine being a line manager, one with responsibility for staff who are away from the office and your sight. Maybe you get to see your team once a day, once a week or even less frequently that that. Your team is out doing their job, day in and day out and along the way (as in life) they will encounter risks. Maybe it’s the risk from just traveling around but for many, that risk will also come from the tasks they are doing or the people they are meeting with.

Now let’s think about the manager and their working life…they are busy too, right? So as much as they care for their team and want them to be working hard, they don’t have the ability to constantly be watching over them all- not that they could even if they wanted to! So how can we expect a manager to ensure he/she reacts immediately to a risk situation if one of their team faces danger? What if the manager is in a meeting, out of office or simply not available at exactly that time?

Making sure that your lone working staff have an immediate point of contact in the event they feel less secure or when facing a risk is highly desirable. No manager is going to accept a position whereby his/her team may be at risk and where they can’t come immediately to their assistance. Imagine the impact on the worker, the manager and the wider base of staff if an incident occurred and no response was available.

SoloProtect’s Emergency Dispatch Centers (EDC) in the USA & UK are ready and waiting to offer that immediate line of support, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are there to take the call managers of lone working teams don’t have to make themselves always available (which as we have discussed, is an impossible task!).

Within seconds of your lone worker raising a discreet alert call from their SoloProtect device (disguised as an ID badge), one of our highly trained EDC operators are listening and taking appropriate actions depending on the severity of the situation. Better still, the incidents are being recorded too so that if your lone worker is on the receiving end of verbal abuse from others, you have the evidence to back their case.

It gets even more compelling when you realize that our EDC operators can also dispatch to the police if the situation they are listening to suggests that a lone worker is at risk of physical injury, either from an accident or from attack. It doesn’t matter where in the country your lone workers are, we can dispatch directly to the most local police resource, something a manager would find difficult to do simply by dialling 911. Because our operators assess the situation themselves, we are able to report emergencies as verified, putting them on a higher priority than it would be if the manager called in themselves.

Monitoring the safety of lone working staff is what we at SoloProtect do for a living. It is our passion and we focus hard on delivering the best possible service and response to your lone workers. In doing so we make lone working staff happier and feeling more secure. Guess what- as a result they are more productive too, knowing that they have SoloProtect at their call if ever needed, day or night. For more information about SoloProtect, visit

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