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Why Employee Monitoring Works for Workplace Safety

Why Employee Monitoring Works for Workplace Safety

The term “employee monitoring” has not always had the best connotation attached to it, especially among those in worker unions. This can be widely attributed to the fact that employee monitoring has various meanings attached to it including computer activity monitoring and GPS monitoring on employees’ cars, many of which have a tendency to infringe on employees’ perceived rights and privacy.

However, when used for worker protection, especially in the case of lone workers, employee monitoring can provide employees with safety benefits that they might not otherwise have. Lone workers, or anyone who works out of sight or sound of other employees on a regular basis, are at a disadvantage when it comes to any risk that they might face. Not only do they face additional dangers that those who work in the company of others might not have to worry about, but they are less likely to get the help that they need in any sort of dangerous situation because no one else is there to know that help is needed. Because of this, they need to take preventative measures with a worker safety solution that is able to provide them with the ability to summon help when they need it.

In this case, employee monitoring allows workers to relay any risks, danger or accidents that they may run into while on the job. When employers and employees work together to increase overall safety, everyone benefits. Employees can do their part by allowing authorized professionals access to where they are and what is going on when they need it. Employers can do their part by providing the technology and service needed to empower their employees, all while encouraging employees to utilize dynamic risk assessment, activating the monitoring function when they see fit. With the proper solution and training in place, lone workers don’t have to worry about not being able to summon help in a time of need.

Specifically, SoloProtect provides an employee monitoring worker safety solution that allows the end user control over when they are monitored. Using their own discreet personal safety device that is designed to look like an ID badge, employees have the option to simply press a button in a time of need. It is then that a one-way communication will begin whereby a highly trained emergency dispatcher can listen in as the events unfold, assess the situation and dispatch help as necessary. Employees also have the option to pre-record information about where they are located (i.e. what building floor they may be on, what specific unit in a complex or wing of a building) and what they are doing that allows the dispatcher to more quickly and accurately locate them in time of need, accessed only when the employee has issued an alert for help.

Finally, SoloProtect offers a 'Incapacitation' feature for injuries or other incidents in which the employee may not be able to issue the alert themselves. Once the Identicom device has been horizontal for an extended period of time, an alert will automatically send to the Emergency Dispatch Center so they are aware of the situation and can determine the next actions to take.

When it comes to lone worker safety, employee monitoring is the best way to provide quick and immediate information to the right people in times of distress. It allows workers to proactively prepare for unsafe situations, and it provides them with the means to get help that they may not otherwise receive.

To learn more about how to implement an employee monitoring for safety program, download our free guide: "Employee Monitoring for Safety: How it Should Work." 

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