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You Get What You Pay For

If you think paying for a professional is expensive just wait until you pay for an amateur.

The consequences of doing the bare minimum to safeguard your lone workers’ well-being can be fatal. Adopting a solution based on financial reasons, as opposed to workers’ needs or company requirements, will result in an ineffective and unutilized solution. Now you may think that you’re saving money by choosing the cheapest option but trust me, that’s a false economy.

As a construction site manager, you wouldn’t let a single member of your team go on site without a hard hat or the correct footwear, would you? If you’re spending good money on protective equipment for your employees to keep them as free from risk as possible, you expect them to use it.

Now apply this logic to your lone working PPE. You’ve chosen a lone worker solution, your staff is given a lone worker device, you’ve checked the box… but are they using it? Are you certain that they are as free from risk as possible?

By adopting an ineffective solution, you’re giving your employees an excuse not to use it. In other words, if they’re not using it then you’re essentially paying for nothing. The steps you’ve taken may be in compliance but leaving your employees vulnerable, can have serious consequences. There’s absolutely no reason for any company not to take advantage of the best possible solutions; protecting your lone workers now, will protect your company tomorrow.

Workplace safety measures are extremely important in every industry and not protecting your employees is serious business. The consequences can easily affect your organization’s cash position, its share price, perceived brand equity value, and its ability to attract, and retain, the best staff and customers.

An ineffective solution may help you demonstrate your duty of care but it won’t do enough to show you really care about your responsibility. You’ve shown you’re aware of the problem but, perhaps unintentionally, that you’re not willing to fully resolve. If an incident does occur, this can leave you open to monetary damages and penalties.

Every SoloProtect customer gets a comprehensive weekly or monthly report to help outline the utilization of devices or phone-applications across the organization. It can also be used to easily highlight areas of best practice, low usage and the need for additional training. Our goal is to help you achieve a very high level of usage.

User adoption is key to employing a successful solution; without the right support and training, it’s hard to get the best from your lone worker device. Along with access to comprehensive monthly reporting, you can count on professional support and training.

Monitoring the safety of lone working staff is our passion. We focus on delivering the best possible service at the fastest response to your lone workers so your staff gets the most out of their device.

We recognize that knowing if your staff is utilizing their lone worker solution can often be a difficult task. How can you really know whether they’re using their device correctly or at all? If you’re not aware, then are you aren’t truly protecting them.

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