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Workplace Safety for Realtors and Model Home Agents

Workplace Safety for Realtors and Model Home Agents

Despite the many job perks that come with being a real estate agent, there are many inherent risks that come with the job as well. The occupation leaves the agents prone to on the job risks, sometimes including assault, because they meet with property sellers or buyers by themselves, sometimes in remote areas or quiet neighborhoods. Considering that the agents at least upon first interaction are dealing with people they've never met, it becomes uncertain whether the worker is at risk. This has driven the need for increased workplace safety measures for realtors. So, what are the best ways to safeguard realtors from potential assault?

First Meeting with the Client Should Be At the Office or a Public Place

A recent study by the National Association of Realtors indicates that 40% of the realtors interviewed had at some point faced fearful situations during their work. Considering you are meeting a total stranger, the first meeting should be in a public place. Meeting in an office will enable you to ask for identification before you can visit any property with the client. You also need to retain a photocopy of the client's driver's license and introduce them to one of your coworkers. Let other people know the person you are dealing with and the place you are planning to visit.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Realtors often travel to unfamiliar areas all by themselves, so it is essential to their safety to research the area first by mapping out their trip, researching the area to learn of any bad parts or other items to be cautious of and asking around to anyone you know who might be familiar with the area. The more familiar you are with an area, the less likely you are to run into unexpected dangerous surroundings and the more confident you are, leaving less room for distractions. This also applies to the home you are showing. Be sure to survey the home before going there with a client to become familiar with it. Pay special attention to all possibles ways of exiting in case you run into a situation that you need to get away from quickly. Finally, once you do enter the home with your client, make sure to walk behind them through the duration of the tour. That way you are always allowing yourself to be closest to these exits, thereby making yourself less at risk of being trapped in the space.

Keep What You Wear in Mind

As a realtor, worker safety may be at risk when you use personal photos with flashy and expensive clothing/jewelry in your advertising. If possible, avoid these photos in your marketing because it may attract those with wrong intentions. Additionally, it is recommended to be cognizant of what you wear during meetings with clients, especially those you are not very familiar with yet. Avoid dressing to display your wealth, because you never know whether you are dealing with a predator. Also, wear shoes that are flat or easy to run in. Being mindful of this can be invaluable in the event that you do run into danger.

Use of the SoloProtect Device

Worker safety should be prioritized in all agencies. It's important for every institution to put in place safety procedures for their employees.To curb the dangers associated with lone working places, SoloProtect offers a discreetly worn and activated worker safety solution. This device has GPS capabilities, pre-alert and SOS signals, audio evidence capture, trail capabilities, and the auto 'Incapacitation' feature that allows assistance in the event of incapacitation just to mention a few. It is designed as a worker ID badge holder that is easy to use, but difficult for assailants to readily notice. In case of any distress, the worker connects to a live emergency dispatcher by pressing a button on the backside of the device. The operator is able to listen in, assess the situation and dispatch the required assistance to the given location. You can learn more about this service as well as other workplace safety information by visiting

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