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About SoloProtect

A little bit about us . .

SoloProtect Limited (originally Connexion2 Limited) was formed in 2003, with the objective to deliver innovative solutions to help employers protect their lone workers. Hitting on the importance of a discreet use, mobile communications device, Identicom was developed and became crucial to the growth of the business over the next decade. Originally engaging with a number of Public Sector organisations alive to lone worker risk, like the NHS and a number of UK based-Housing Associations, SoloProtect as a fully-managed, direct to market solution was launched in 2007.

As British Standard BS 8484 was introduced and the UK lone worker market developed further, increasing numbers of Private Sector organisations began to recognise lone worker risk, and the financial implications of fines, reputational brand damage, staff turnover and private litigation.

In May 2013 SoloProtect was acquired by The Broady family, US investors with a proven track record of developing growth in recurring revenue and technology businesses. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SoloProtect LLC now delivers comprehensive lone worker protection to organisations in the USA and Canada. In 2014 SoloProtect B.V was created to deliver lone worker solutions to The Netherlands, France, and Germany.

In June 2017, the Identicom lone worker device was re-branded as SoloProtect ID, with the release of an updated device and improved functionality, forming the first step of a wider product road-map for the next 12 months. The primary aim of SoloProtect continues to be to deliver leading lone worker solutions via compelling technology, whilst giving great service to customers.

SoloProtect then expanded their product range further with the launch of SoloProtect Go in early 2018.

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