Mass Notification System

Send mass notifications to your workers to alert them of potential risks or live incidents that could affect their personal safety and/or business operations.

What is a mass notification system (MNS)?

The SoloProtect mass notification system ("Risk Messaging") allows managers to send emergency risk messages to employees from SoloProtect Insights to notify them of an existing incident or potential risk that could affect their personal safety and/or their ability to do their job.

What is the purpose of an emergency mass notification system?

An emergency mass notification system is an extremely effective way to quickly communicate information to employees to ensure their safety and facilitate crisis management more broadly. However, it can also play a significant role in an organisation’s business continuity plan, where maintaining service during an incident is paramount.

How does the mass notification system work?

A team or company manager can log into the online SoloProtect Insights platform from any location or device. The manager can then type a succinct message to warn users of a potential or live hazard and send it out to SoloProtect Mobile users at the click of a button.

Users of the app would then receive an alert to their mobile phones containing the message and the option to confirm acknowledgement.

Examples of when a mass notification system would be used

Examples of when a mass notification would need to be used to alert workers of an incident include:

  • Terrorism incidents/threats (particularly in light of the Protect Duty Legislation due to be introduced in 2023)
  • Gas explosions
  • Fire alarms
  • Robberies
  • Missing person
  • Incidents of violence, aggression, or abuse
  • Traffic collisions or road closures
  • System failures
  • Cyberattacks
  • Physical security breaches
  • Flooding
  • Outbreaks of infectious diseases

Who should use a mass notification system?

A mass communication platform can be used by any organisation to quickly communicate risk alerts. However, it is particularly useful for organisations that have large, sprawling sites (e.g. schools, Government, shopping centres, entertainment venues, hospitals and airports) and/or organisations that have a lot of lone or remote workers (e.g. social housing, surveyors, community health and social care, transport and logistics, and construction). It can also be used for protecting homeworkers.

What type of risk messages should be sent via the mass notification system?

The type of risk messages that should be sent through SoloProtect’s mass notification system depends on an organisation’s internal policies and procedures - i.e. some organisations may only use it for high-level emergency incidents such as terrorism threats, whereas others may use it for less severe notifications such as traffic jams. However, in the main, risk messages are aimed at:

  • Allowing colleagues to avoid an existing or likely incident,
  • Ensuring key responders have the information they need to support or diffuse a situation, and
  • Providing instructions for the evacuation of a site in an emergency.

Benefits of using SoloProtect’s mass notification feature

There are many benefits to using SoloProtect’s Risk Messaging feature, including:

  • A secure and quick way to proactively communicate urgent risk messages
  • Prevents harm to workers (and, in some cases, members of the public) as they are forewarned of an incident
  • Limits the impact of emergency incidents on business continuity
  • Identifies which staff members haven’t yet acknowledged the Risk Message so that further action can be taken by the company to inform the mobile app user of the hazard and to confirm their safety e.g. sending further risk messages, phoning the worker, alerting a colleague etc.
  • Makes efficient use of a customer’s existing personal safety solution, which already contains up-to-date escalation information for each mobile app user
  • Effective, auditable, and fast alternative to text messaging (SMS), WhatsApp, social media, intranets, emails, or phone calls to keep staff in the loop in an emergency - helping your organisation comply with business continuity management standards (BS 22301).

SoloProtect's mass notification system (“Risk Messaging”) is available within SoloProtect Insights and is compatible with our personal safety mobile application.

This forms part of the continuous development of our online SoloProtect Insights platform which allows our customers to effectively manage the safety of their workforce with ease, confidence, and full visibility.

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