SoloProtect Insights

The power behind our solution: onboarding, training, device/app allocation, reporting, location data, alarm evidence, risk messaging, and more.

SoloProtect Insights is central to the effective management of your lone working teams and is essential to any successful solution deployment – at onboarding and implementation stages, and in terms of ongoing management across the whole contract length.

The feature-rich online platform can be accessed from anywhere and on any device and helps to ensure a measurable return on investment, reduced administration, and greater visibility of your mobile teams.

It's not just your compliance, risk management, and health and safety teams who will reap the benefits of SoloProtect Insights, it's operations, finance, field managers, HR, training, senior management, and more.

SoloProtect Insights: Features ...

Simple user onboarding and training

SoloProtect Insights - Onboarding

SoloProtect Insights allows you to easily allocate devices or app licenses to users, manage the details of escalation contacts, and check the progress of online training (available within Insights) as the solution is being rolled out.

Access alarm information and evidence

SoloProtect Insights - Alarm Information

Access all alarm reporting directly within SoloProtect Insights and request audio relating to genuine Red Alerts. You can also provide access to senior management who may need to review serious incidents to better shape your organisation’s policy and response.

Send automated reports to key stakeholders

SoloProtect Insights - Reporting

Insights has a series of reporting dashboards that provide important information about a solution’s health. Whether it's to review solution usage across your organisation or to better understand which teams need a greater level of alarm support, Insights gives simple data points for review. You can also automate the distribution of reports to key stakeholders, reducing the time managers spend on manual reporting.

Empower team managers

SoloProtect Insights - Empower Managers

SoloProtect Insights can be structured to reflect the setup of your organisation. This means team managers are empowered to oversee the solution for their own team members.

Access device location information

SoloProtect Insights - Location Information

Managers can access a user’s 'Latest Location' information and battery life. This can help them make informed decisions about the redeployment of workers or assist them in tracking a goods transfer, for example.

Send risk messages directly to your colleagues

SoloProtect Insights - Risk Messaging

Need to get an urgent risk message out to your colleagues? You can draft and send messages to users directly from the Mass Notification System within SoloProtect Insights.
Note: Risk Messaging is currently only available with SoloProtect Mobile.

Know the working status of mobile colleagues

SoloProtect Insights - Working Status

If using the mobile app, workers can highlight their current working status which is then displayed within SoloProtect Insights.

This can facilitate effective resource planning and allows managers to ensure their mobile teams are home safely at the end of their working day.

Reduce administration time

SoloProtect Insights - Reduce Admin

SoloProtect Insights can reduce administration time for health and safety managers or team leaders. The cloud-based system makes the management of the end-to-end solution extremely easy for all those involved in implementation, delivery and review.

SoloProtect Insights Testimonial

Note: SoloProtect Insights is included with all SoloProtect solutions.

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