SoloProtect Portal Goes Live

Lone worker specialists SoloProtect unveil new online portal.

The SoloProtect Client Portal, to be used as part of your SoloProtect lone worker solution, is an online tool which allows you to instantly access and make changes to the structure of your solution.

Whether it's creating new, or editing existing users, recategorising groups of staff at department level, updating escalation details for a user, or simply accessing training information - the Client Portal gives you a range of options designed to assist the lone worker manager.

As it’s an online tool, the SoloProtect Client Portal is available 24/7 and any changes you make are live to the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre within minutes.

Operations Director Steve Hough said, ‘We know our customers’ businesses are dynamic, often with operational changes needing to be made quickly. Having the most up-to-date User and Escalation information is critical to providing the very best lone worker solution and so we have developed our portal to give our customers the power and convenience to make these changes as they happen, and to get valuable insight on how their solution is working for them.’

The SoloProtect Client Portal also allows you to instantly view vital information such as your most, or least active Identicoms. This will help you highlight areas of best practice, pockets of low usage and where additional training and support might be beneficial.

As well as this, you can export numerous reports and statistics, such as your monthly activity report, account summary report and escalation list detail report. Reports can be run for any time period you want and all the data is up to the minute accurate.

The SoloProtect Client Portal is an added benefit, along with access to the portal, every SoloProtect customer gets UK based customer support and, either face-to-face, or web based training.

For more information please call SoloProtect on 0114 399 6000.

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