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Identicom Lone Worker Device

Deployed by more than 260,000 lone workers worldwide.

The market leading Identicom lone worker device is the most widely used dedicated device of its kind in the United Kingdom. Identicom is used by a wide-range of lone workers to reduce risks to their personal safety as they go about their daily working lives.

The Identicom device is part of versatile device range, offering suitable alternatives when the job-role, physical activity, or environmental demands, make using an ID badge, less appealing.

Identicom is the only lone worker device specifically designed as an identity card holder in order to be easy to wear and discreet to use. Containing mobile-phone (GSM) technology, the device enables a 24/7 link to Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring in the event a worker requires assistance.

At the push of a button, a trained SoloProtect ARC Operator is listening to an abusive or violent situation on your behalf, and recording audio for future use if necessary (admissible evidence in court proceedings etc). The call handler will then escalate the situation in line with what is an appropriate response - including alerting Emergency Services more efficiently than a 999 call (one level higher, via a URN direct into a regional Police control centre).

As of 2016, there are currently in excess of 200,000 lone workers using Identicom worldwide.

Benefits of the Identicom lone worker device:

  • Peace of mind for a lone worker.
  • Helps an employer to demonstrate it is meeting a duty of care to staff, and significantly reduces financial risk to a business or it's brand value.
  • Identity badge style ensures it is not an obvious piece of technology.
  • Its wearability ensures it is easy for a lone worker to integrate into their outfit, uniform or apparel (various attachments for wear now available).
  • Identicom is discreet to use - a worker doesn't have to overtly reach into their pocket or bag, and can use the device without breaking eye contact with an aggressor.
  • Identicom enables SoloProtect to capture verbal abuse and threatening behaviour during a 'Red Alert'.
  • Two-way audio on automatic 'Man Down' alerts. 
  • Location data information sent to Alarm Receiving Centre during a 'Red Alert'.

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