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SoloProtect ID Rip Alarm

What happens if my device is removed forcibly?

*Please be aware this page will soon be unavailable. For information on all the core functions of the SoloProtect ID visit our new page here.

If a user wears a SoloProtect ID on a lanyard and the device is removed forcibly - either as part of a threatening or abusive situation, or accidentally through a fall or trip - then an automatic 'Red Alert' will be triggered. 

The Rip Alarm is activated through the removal of a magnetic plug situated on the top, left hand corner of the device (see above), as you look at the rear of the device.

Once activated, the Alarm Receiving Centre will treat it exactly the same as any other, genuine 'Red Alert' until proven otherwise.

Please note, even if you wear SoloProtect ID without a lanyard on a belt-clip, you can benefit from the Rip Alarm feature by using a special attachment.

Please contact our Customer Support Team if this is of interest to you.