Lone Worker Protection for Utilities Companies

How lone worker safety solutions support the utility sector

Workers in the utilities sector are often exposed to a wide range of safety hazards which is unsurprising for an industry that keeps the UK’s gas, electricity, water, sewerage, and telecommunications infrastructure operating. 

Because of the nature of the sector, workers are exposed to some of the main causes of workplace accidents including falls from height, being struck by a moving vehicle or object, being trapped by something collapsing / overturning, or contact with moving machinery.

Unfortunately, there were 693,000 non-fatal and 111 fatal work-related injuries in Great Britain between 2019 and 2020 which demonstrates that, however meticulous your health and safety policies and procedures, accidents can still happen.

So, it's important to put measures in place to reduce the risks associated with working in the utilities industry and ensure a quick response when an accident does occur. And this doesn’t just apply to lone workers. The safety and security of all workers, wherever they’re based, is paramount.

What risks are there in the utilities sector?

There are numerous health and safety risks associated with working in the utilities industry, such as:

  • Working at height e.g. pylons or telecommunicates towers
  • Working with high voltage electricity e.g. installing /fixing electricity cables
  • Operating large and heavy vehicles or machines
  • Outdoor working e.g. cold, wet, icy conditions
  • Entering residential properties, often alone
  • Working in remote, rural locations
  • Risk of gas explosions
  • Working on or near vast expanses of water
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Regularly working alone

How can a SoloProtect lone worker solution protect staff in the utilities industry?

A lone worker solution can provide vital 24/7 emergency support when a utilities worker needs it most. Activating a Red Alert on a lone worker device or personal safety application on a mobile device will quickly initiate a call with our Alarm Receiving Centre, allowing our specially trained operators to make an assessment of the situation and provide a response e.g. alerting the emergency services or contacting a colleague.

A SoloProtect lone worker alarm or app can also detect if the user has become incapacitated through a slip, trip, fall, or other emergency health issue. A Man Down Alarm is initiated and, once again, our operators will locate the position of the user and ensure help is sent as soon as possible.

But, it’s not just about getting the quickest possible response following an incident. The SoloProtect lone worker solution will help departmental managers and the wider utility organisation to deliver genuine value – both in terms of safety, retaining the best staff, and operational efficiency...

How can a lone worker system deliver operational efficiencies in the utilities sector?

SoloProtect’s Insights platform, which is available with all our lone working solutions, can help utilities companies to:

  • Redeploy utility workers
    See where members of a mobile team are located so that utility workers can quickly be redeployed to where they’re needed in the most efficient way possible.

  • Monitor the progression of works
    Want to know whether a property has been visited, an important part has been delivered to site, whether a job has been finished, or whether a member of your team is on track to complete all assigned jobs by the end of their shift? Location information in Insights can help managers to monitor all of this, and more.

  • Demonstrate compliance
    Demonstrate compliance with utility company health and safety policies and procedures, or national health and safety standards.

  • Access incident information
    Access credible incident information and document verbal abuse to inform training, health and safety best practice, and to facilitate any necessary legal proceedings.

  • Digestible, automated reporting
    Deliver automated reports to key utility stakeholders on solution usage, reflected across an organisation's department structure.

  • Identify who’s available at any time
    Receive up to date information regarding the working status of employees across a team or organisation to see who’s available and who isn’t.

Does your utilities team need lone worker security?

If you’re unsure whether lone worker security or a personal safety solution is necessary for your utility team, take a look at our Team Assessment.

By answering a few quick questions, this document will help you to consider the risks that your utilities workers might be faced with and whether investing in a lone worker solution would be a sensible investment.

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We work with several utility organisations across the UK who protect their lone workers using our lone working devices and our SoloProtect Insights platform.

And, don’t forget, you can now also choose the flexibility of our personal safety app.

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Edina case study

Edina logo"Since adopting a SoloProtect lone worker solution, we’ve been pleased with the support we’ve received from the company, and how easily the solution has been adopted by our workforce, and the positive impact it’s had on our operations."

Group Chief Engineer at Edina

Read the full Edina case study.

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