Frequently Asked Questions

A helpful FAQ to support users and managers of our lone worker solution

"How can I contact the Customer Service Team?"
Call 0114 399 6000 and select option 4 or email

"How often should I charge my lone worker device?"
We recommend that you charge your device daily, as you would a mobile phone. That will ensure you start your working day with a fully charged lone worker device.

"Is my lone worker device water resistant?"
SoloProtect ID, SoloProtect Go and SoloProtect Mini devices are all water resistant and will withstand normal use in typical weather conditions. Please avoid water immersion or submersion however as you may break the device and invalidate the warranty.

"How do I access solution training?"
Your online training is located within SoloProtect Insights. Check your welcome email and log in as directed.

"Do I have to take the training on a computer?"
SoloProtect Insights is optimized for use on desktop, tablet or mobile phone - access solution training aross all devices.

"Is my private medical information accessible to my employer?"
Any personal medical information you choose to store in SoloProtect Insights is not made available to your employer. This is accessible to a SoloProtect Operator in the event it is pertinent to assist the escalation of a genuine 'Red Alert' situation. Supplying private medical information is optional.

"Where is my personal information stored?"
Information you supply to SoloProtect is stored at our Monitoring Centre, which is certified to EN:50518, the highest standard for Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centres to conform to, in Europe.

Amongst many security measures our centre is bomb, fire and flood resistant – secured by ANPR number plate recognition, CCTV and biometric scanners.

We're also certified to Cyber Essentials Plus, which is a UK government initiative awarded to companies who follow the core principles of cyber security and data protection. This industry-recognised programme ensures businesses will be guarded against the most common cyber threats and includes mitigating risks such as malicious communications, phishing attacks, and Malware.

"What does 'ARC' stand for?"
ARC stands for Alarm Receiving Centre - for which we also use the term 'Monitoring Centre'. The ARC handles all SoloProtect Alarms raised by lone worker users, in the UK.

"How quickly are you listening to a Red Alert?"
A Red Alert will connect to our ARC extremely quickly - on average, your alarm call is with a SoloProtect Operator in just four seconds.

"What happens once a Red Alert is with an ARC Operator?"
Once assigned, our Operator will immediately begin a process of alarm verification and is looking to successfully understand the nature of the event, and begin an escalation process to get appropriate help as soon as possible. This includes requesting Emergency Services support where necessary. On average, the verification process takes just forty seconds.

"What is the role of an Escalation Contact?"
Escalation Contacts are really important and are contacted to assist the ARC in the process of establishing a worker's location during a genuine Red Alert. Escalation Contacts are not there to assume responsibility for the Red Alert, but are there to help our team with potentially vital contextual information should GPS information and 'Check In' messages prove inconclusive.

"How do SoloProtect use the 'Check In' messages I leave through my device / app?"
'Check In' messages are used as a key frame of reference in the event of a genuine Red Alert. The short message you leave will be revisited for the context prior to a genuine Red Alert, should one be subsequently raised. It might give our operator valuable information about your location, a prior risk or a location that is difficult to determine purely by GPS i.e. A confirmed address within a high-rise building for example. We do not issue Check In messages to your employer. We occasionally use them for our own internal training proceedures in the ARC.

"What should I do if my device is not responding as outlined in the training?"
Please contact our Customer Service Team.

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