Ready2Talk ®

Ready2Talk ® is an innovative chaperone service designed to support workers in situations where there’s a clear safety risk.

Ready2Talk® is a monitoring service from SoloProtect, designed to give lone workers additional peace of mind, prior to a situation reaching the point of Red Alert. It is a companion monitoring function that connects the lone worker to the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre.

When a solution user is faced with a scenario that warrants support above leaving a Check-In message on their lone worker application or device, the next appropriate option may be to open the Ready2Talk function.

Designed for use in a situation of potential risk, where a worker may benefit from additional support, but not the case of a clear and obvious risk presented (i.e. A Red Alert) – Ready2Talk opens a link to the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre to connect monitoring support. For use where the potential for risk could escalate further into a more serious situation that may endanger the worker's personal safety.

Reduce Social and Environmental Risk:

Ready2Talk can be used in a social risk situation where there is clear potential for aggression, or where a user is undertaking an activity that may result in environmental risk that could potentially facilitate a "Person Down" scenario.

If a worker believes there is potential for a social or environmental risk to their safety, selecting Ready2Talk connects the user with the SoloProtect Monitoring Centre.

Once connected, a SoloProtect Operator will remain with the user for the duration of the call, at their need – Ready2Talk is a two-way audio function, allowing a user to speak directly to the operator where required. When appropriate to do so, the lone worker will advise and close the function via their device or app.

If a risk moves beyond the potential and escalates to a situation where a Red Alert would be most appropriate, the operator will upgrade the incident and apply protocol relating to the severity of the situation (apply processes and monitoring support relating to a Red Alert).

What’s the difference between Ready2Talk and Red Alert?

Ready2Talk is designed for use when there is a potential risk, rather than a worker generally feeling uncomfortable which may prompt the use of the ‘Check In’ feature.

In contrast, a clear and obvious risk situation should always prompt a user to open a Red Alert.

For ongoing use as part of a lone worker’s daily dynamic risk assessment, a user’s first option should be the ‘Check In’ function on their personal safety device or app.

Benefits to an employer:

  • A range of features promote regular usage and an appreciation of dynamic risk assessment
  • Managers know that mobile personnel are empowered to choose appropriate support
  • Users are given peace of mind, and can therefore be productive and effective where needed
  • Provided within a fully managed solution tier, without additional feature costs.

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