SoloProtect launches new and improved mobile app

"SoloProtect Mobile", the new and improved personal safety app, now available.

SoloProtect, one of the leading providers of personal safety solutions in the UK, EU and US, has launched a new and improved mobile app (“SoloProtect Mobile”), to increase flexibility within its product range.

SoloProtect Mobile can provide customers with all the functionality of SoloProtect’s existing personal safety solution, including a Red Alert emergency alarm, Incapacitation / "Man-Down" Alarm, and Check-In, to name just a few, all on the users’ mobile phone.

Users of the app will receive 24/7 support from SoloProtect’s state-of-the-art Alarm Monitoring Centre and access to the popular Insights platform for efficient reporting, user training, allocation of app licenses and much more.

Dagny Koch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SoloProtect, said: "We’re delighted to be launching our innovative new mobile app to the lone working and personal safety markets.

"SoloProtect Mobile can quickly transform a phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety tool. It provides an easy middle-ground option for organisations that want to bolster their personal safety and reporting measures, and demonstrate duty of care to employees, without providing users with a physical device.

"It also affords customers the flexibility to choose from a mixture of app licenses and devices, so employees can be provided with the right solution for them, depending on their specific job role and the risk factors involved.

"Introducing a personal safety solution like SoloProtect Mobile sends a strong message to employees that their safety really does come first which is particularly beneficial when so many of us are working remotely and thinking more about the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us."

The new app can be used by anyone in the public, private or third sectors who would benefit from the added reassurance that SoloProtect will be there to support them and provide an appropriate response if they feel under threat or have an accident.

Should the worst occur, the app can pinpoint the location of the user using geolocation technology and open a call with SoloProtect’s Monitoring Centre where operators will listen in to the situation and initiate an appropriate response – all within just over 41 seconds, on average. This could be alerting the emergency services or notifying the user’s designated escalation contact.

Dagny comments:
"Not only can the app be rolled out extremely quickly, the SoloProtect solution can facilitate the fastest possible emergency response. Getting help to the user when time really is of the essence!

"The app is also very easy to use which is vital in any high-pressure situation and it offers great value for money, especially for businesses with company-owned mobiles where the phone becomes a multi-purpose device – a phone and a personal safety device all rolled into one. Alternatively, where a Bring Your Own Device policy has been implemented, employees can simply download the app to their own mobile."

The mobile app also features SoloProtect’s new Risk Messaging and Ready2Talk ® functionality. Ready2Talk triggers a live 2-way voice call with the Monitoring Centre and can be used in non-emergency situations where an app or device user would benefit from additional support. This could be carrying out a high-risk task or entering a high-risk location e.g. climbing a high ladder, walking across a poorly lit car park at night, or entering a property with an aggressive occupant.
Risk Messaging allows system administrators to send an alert to users about imminent or ongoing risks e.g. road accidents on a delivery driver’s route or a security breach at a large venue or retail outlet.

The app is available on Android (5+) and Apple (iOS 8.1+) phones and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

It also complies with strict data privacy guidelines as Mark Smith, Director of IT and Information Security at SoloProtect, explains:

"As with all apps that require personal and location data, privacy is paramount and is in the hands of the user. The Privacy Toggle allows the user to decide, based on their dynamic risk assessment, whether they want their location data to be shared with SoloProtect Insights or to remain private. However, location data is always available to our Monitoring Centre during a Red Alert, Incapacitation Alert or Ready2Talk call, irrespective of the privacy toggle, in case the emergency services are required."

For more information about SoloProtect Mobile, please take a look at our SoloProtect Mobile page or, if you need some help to decide whether a SoloProtect mobile app or device would best suit your requirements, please view our guide: Lone Worker Device or App: Which Should You Choose?.

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