Sovereign Housing using SoloProtect for lone workers

Identicom is rolled out to Housing Association's front line lone working teams

Lone worker specialist Connexion2 has provided their Identicom device and SoloProtect service to more than 550 employees at Sovereign Housing Association, providing a key part of their duty of care to staff. Employees including Anti-Social Behaviour Officers, Housing Support Workers and Housing Officers use Connexion2’s innovative 8 series device which allows two-way audio* and remote software updates to maximise efficiency.

Identicom retains its discreet Identity badge form, which allows a worker to activate a ‘Red Alert’ (24/7 audio link to Alarm Receiving Centre support) if a worker is at risk of verbal abuse, physical attack or a slip, trip or fall. Through GSM technology, highly trained sta? at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can monitor and listen into a situation, escalating directly to the emergency services if necessary. GPS technology fitted into the device can also help locate a lone worker.

Anti-Social Behaviour Officer at Sovereign, Dave Brown, said Identicom offered him peace of mind while carrying out his public-facing role. He said: “As an Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, I spend a large amount of time out of the office lone working, visiting residents and dealing with sometimes difficult issues. In some cases, although I do not always feel at risk, I appreciate that there are risks that come with dealing with the diverse range of situations and people that we do. With the Identicom lone worker device, I genuinely feel that I have a safeguard in place in case an incident should occur whereby I am at risk from abuse, or indeed a more serious issue, from a customer or other person I am dealing with.”

Dave Brown stressed that despite being sceptical of using the device initially, when required, he raised a genuine ‘Red Alert’ and had been extremely impressed with how the situation was dealt with. He said: “I felt totally at ease and have total trust in the system. I particularly like the fact that, if you feel that a situation may be at all uncomfortable or confrontational, you can raise a ‘Red Alert’, give the advisor a brief description of the issues that may be faced, and then have the reassurance of that advisor listening in on the subsequent conversation and situation that you are facing”.

“I was impressed with the customer service and support following a recent situation where I used the ‘Red Alert’. I was immediately called following its conclusion, and the advisor was able to recount what had been heard, and checked that I was not only safe, but felt reassured as well.”

Identicom is supplied through Connexion2’s SoloProtect solution which includes the device, inclusive billing, 24/7 manned monitoring, SIM card, mobile network usage, device training, monthly reports and a dedicated in-house UK-based customer support team. All SoloProtect packages are BS8484 accredited, the UK industry standard which guarantees a police escalation, one level above a 999 call where necessary.

Connexion2 has sold more than 135,000 devices worldwide since the company started in 2003. Craig Swallow, Managing Director of Connexion2, said: “Employees within the Housing sector face an increasing number of risks every day within their role – whether that be a social or environmental one. With an estimated six million lone workers in the UK, knowledge and best practices of working safely are very important for the safety of all workers.”

Sovereign, which was originally established as West Berkshire Housing Association in 1989, currently provide homes for more than 80,000 people in the South and Southwest of England.

*If selected.

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