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All solutions offer discreet, BS 8484 approved lone worker protection, with alarm support 24/7/365.

Lone Worker Devices and Applications

Discretion and immediacy when you need it most. Proven technology used by over 300,000 lone workers for their protection.

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A small and light, fob-style device available within a BS 8484 approved safety solution, ideal protection when working alone.

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Comprehensive lone worker protection on Android smart-phone devices. Integrates with Mobile Workforce Management.

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A range of lone worker devices to suit your needs. Supported by the same, comprehensive service.

Supporting Services

Included with all SoloProtect lone worker solutions

The SoloProtect ARC is accredited to EN 50518, which is The European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres, and a key consideration within BS 8484 (the British Standard for Lone Working) regarding the provision of 24/7 alarm support.

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Included with all SoloProtect lone working solutions

Our Customer Portal. SoloProtect Insights is designed to give greater control and efficiency for SoloProtect customers, 24/7 access to solution management, and flexible training-support for lone worker solution users to access on PC or mobile device.

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Add on service upgrade for certain SoloProtect solutions.

  • View and organise users by department
  • Create locations and POI's
  • Geofence areas for auto-alerts
  • Share pictures directly from SoloProtect Mobile
  • Tag specific risks to share with colleagues
  • Mapping interface
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