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Lone Worker Security Solutions

SoloProtect is the UK's comprehensive, fully managed, Lone Worker security Solution. The solutions are BS8484 approved and offer a range of functionality to suit a variety of worker types via dedicated devices, or mobile applications.

SoloProtect is the easy and secure way to support lone working colleagues. The fully managed lone worker security service affords peace of mind for staff at every level of an organisation, and comprehensive support for lone workers out in the community, at remote locations or whilst carrying out specific jobs or tasks that carry an element of risk.

Our lone worker security solutions are designed to fit a range of personnel, whether primarily facing 'People Risk' (arising from social interaction - potential verbal abuse and attack) or an 'Environmental Risk' (potential for incapacitation, commonly referred to as a 'Man Down' situation, due to illness or a sudden trip or fall).

All 'Red Alerts' are handled by the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), an in-house resource that opened in 2015. The ARC is accredited to EN50518, the European Standard for ARCs, and is staffed by highly trained operators and designed to give a lone worker in distress, the best possible outcome.


All solutions are approved against BS 8484:2016 (SoloProtect was first in the UK to be audited and approved) and guarantee a lone worker a 'Level One - immediate/urgent', Police escalation (higher than a 999 call) where appropriate.

SoloProtect helps an organisation to dramatically reduce business risk, and the potential for reputational brand damage by meeting its duty of care to staff working alone.

For more information on what's included in all SoloProtect Solutions, please see the 'Solution Elements' section below.

SoloProtect is available to purchase across a range of contract lengths to suit your business. Solution trials are also available for a limited time period in order to give greater flexibility in order to find the best fit for your lone workers.

To find out more about how SoloProtect could improve the safety and security of your lone workers contact us on the details provided below.