A popular and trusted option for lone workers who require a discreet safety device. Particularly anyone who regularly displays their ID to access a location, address, or to deliver a service.

Discretion when it's most needed

The SoloProtect ID is a personal safety device and ID badge rolled into one.

The simple single-button operation ensures a user can raise a Red Alert if their personal safety is threatened, without breaking eye contact or alerting a potential assailant.

The SoloProtect ID will also sense if the user is incapacitated and will automatically initiate a Man Down Alarm.

The next generation of safety device

The latest iteration of the SoloProtect ID is equipped to deliver even more comprehensive personal safety to lone workers:

  • NEW Monitoring Timer feature for improved safety in low signal areas
  • NEW Ready2Talk feature for dependable monitoring in potential risk scenarios
  • NEW user-friendly interface with colour screen
  • NEW 4G connectivity for greater reliability
  • Water-resistant and dustproof for all weather conditions and environments
  • Flexible levels of protection for users with different risk profiles
  • Enhanced workforce safety management via SoloProtect Insights.

How does the SoloProtect ID work?

Take a look at our video.

Key Features
Discreet design and form factor
Raise an alarm without breaking eye contact.
Greater cellular connectivity (4G)
Your SoloProtect personal safety device will access 3G and 4G cellular networks to give you the best possible coverage.
Simple and engaging user interface
The user interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, even in high-pressure situations.
Geolocation technology
Equipped with geolocation technology, our devices periodically send location information to our Monitoring Centre so we can send help to the right place when you need it. Note: this information is only accessible to us during an alarm situation.
Water resistant
The device can be used inside and out, and will not be affected by the elements.
Dust tight
Dusty environments such as building sites are no match for our devices.
Dependable battery life
The device battery will last for the duration of your working day or shift. We recommend regular charging, comparative to a mobile phone.
Multiple accessories
Wear the device on a lanyard or clipped to your belt - the choice is yours. SoloProtect devices come with multiple accessories.
Personal Safety Solutions

Clear choice, greater transparency, and easy to specify. Personal safety made simple.


Connect is perfect for small businesses, single departments, or individuals looking to boost their personal safety or lone worker protection.

Choose from
SoloProtect ID
SoloProtect Mobile

SoloProtect Insights is the key to any successful deployment. The online platform gives you full control of your safety solution - allowing you to fully engage your workforce, report on key metrics, minimise admin, and achieve operational efficiencies.

SoloProtect Insights
Access anywhere

A manager and their team can access Insights from any location and on any device. It's the hub for your solution's deployment, training, reporting, and ongoing use.

SoloProtect Insights
Work smarter

Insights is structured to reflect your organisation. Devolve administration to department managers to ensure efficient implementation and successful solution management.

SoloProtect Insights
Enhance operations

Insights can give you up to date information based on the location of mobile teams. So as something changes, you're able to react efficiently, with minimal disruption.

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