A trusted option for lone workers that require a discreet form-factor. Particularly anyone regularly displaying ID as part of access to a location, address or to deliver a service.

Discretion when it's most needed:

The SoloProtect ID is the original ID-badge form factor, personal safety device. It's highly wearable and retains a discreet ability for operation to match an understated appearance. The latest iteration SoloProtect ID, is equipped to deliver even more comprehensive personal safety to lone workers.

Single button operation ensures a user can raise the alarm in a verbal abuse or aggression scenario, without breaking eye contact or alerting a potential assailant.

An icon-driven, user interface makes it simple to use or explain to others, whilst also giving the device a modern feel that is engaging for device users.

SoloProtect ID has a rating of IP67 in relation to ingress protection. It is totally protected against solid particle items such as dust, and sand. It is also able to withstand submersion in water to one metre in depth, for up to 30 minutes.

The device is designed to deliver a great user experience, and class-leading performance with 4G cellular connectivity to deliver a Red Alert to a SoloProtect Monitoring Centre, swiftly and effectively.

Available now, within our range of personal safety solutions.


Key Features

Discreet design and form factor

Raise an alarm without breaking eye contact.

Up to 48 hour battery life

We recommend regular charging by users, comparative to a mobile phone. But your device will retain charge when turned off and will last up to 48 hours when turned on, and in stand-by mode.

IP67 Rating

Total protection against dust ingress and able to withstand submersion in water to one metre in depth, for up to 30 minutes.

Greater cellular connectivity (4G)

Your SoloProtect personal safety device will access 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks in order to give you the best possible coverage.

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