The personal safety app that's engaging to use, easy to deploy, and simple to measure.

A valuable and efficient solution

SoloProtect Mobile is the lone worker safety app that can quickly transform a phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety tool. It provides an easy middle-ground option for organisations that want to bolster their personal safety and reporting measures, and demonstrate duty of care to employees, without providing users with a physical device.

Feature-rich and user-friendly

The app offers great flexibility, is extremely quick to implement and easy to use. It provides all the functionality of SoloProtect’s existing personal protection solution, including a Red Alert emergency alarm, Man Down Alarm ("Incapacitation Alarm"), Check-In, and Ready2Talk, to name just a few.

24/7 support and easy reporting

Users of the app will receive 24/7 support from SoloProtect’s Alarm Receiving Centre and access to the popular SoloProtect Insights platform for efficient reporting, user training, allocation of app licenses, and use of our Mass Notification System ("Risk Messaging").

Who is SoloProtect Mobile suitable for?

We have a wide range of people who use our personal safety app. Examples include homeworkers, office workers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, cleaners, teachers, remote workers, sales reps, doctors and HR Managers.

The SoloProtect Mobile app is available for Android and Apple mobile phones. Please contact us to arrange your contract. The app can then be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Key Features
Simple and engaging user interface
The user interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, even in high-pressure situations.
Available for Android and iOS
SoloProtect Mobile is supported on Android (8.1+) and Apple iOS (9+) operating systems. It is available for download from Google Play and the App Store but please get in touch with us to arrange your contract first.
Easy to configure and quick to deploy
Get your teams up and running within a few days. Just agree a contract with us, encourage your colleagues to download the app, and get started. Very little training is required as the app is extremely intuitive.
Cost effective solution
There are zero device costs, sim contract fees or shipping costs. And, if you’ve already invested in providing mobile phones to employees, converting them into personal safety devices means you're getting great value from your investment.
Personal Safety Solutions

Clear choice, greater transparency, and easy to specify. Personal safety made simple.


Connect is perfect for small businesses, single departments, or individuals looking to boost their personal safety or lone worker protection.

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SoloProtect ID
SoloProtect Mobile

SoloProtect Insights is the key to any successful deployment. The online platform gives you full control of your safety solution - allowing you to fully engage your workforce, report on key metrics, minimise admin, and achieve operational efficiencies.

SoloProtect Insights
Access anywhere

A manager and their team can access Insights from any location and on any device. It's the hub for your solution's deployment, training, reporting, and ongoing use.

SoloProtect Insights
Work smarter

Insights is structured to reflect your organisation. Devolve administration to department managers to ensure efficient implementation and successful solution management.

SoloProtect Insights
Enhance operations

Insights can give you up to date information based on the location of mobile teams. So as something changes, you're able to react efficiently, with minimal disruption.

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