Lone Worker Security in Transport and Logistics

Protecting transport, logistics and distribution workers across the UK from attack, man-down situations, and more.

Why do transport and logistics workers need a personal safety solution?

People who work in transport, logistics or distribution often spend long periods working alone, with no one available to support them should an incident occur. They are also susceptible to road traffic accidents; physical attack if they are carrying valuable cargo; and tiredness from working long hours or nighttime shifts. They can also be on the receiving end of road rage and public transport workers may be subject to abuse.

In addition to this, SoloProtect has previously reported an incident where a John Lewis driver became stranded on the upper deck of his trailer and needed his SoloProtect lone working device to call for help. You can read more about this in our John Lewis case study

How can SoloProtect keep transport and logistics workers safe?

Deploying a SoloProtect personal safety solution can deliver safety benefits to logistics, transportation and distribution workers, but also help department managers and the wider organisation deliver genuine value - both in terms of safety and operationally.

A SoloProtect personal safety solution can help transport and logistics customers to:

  • Give peace of mind to mobile staff and lone workers that someone will be available to help at the discreet push of a Red Alert button, 24/7
  • Document verbal abuse for use in any legal proceedings or training
  • Deliver protection against trips, falls and incapacitation with our Man Down Alarm feature
  • Get up to date Latest Location to track the progress of deliveries and assist in the coordination of mobile teams
    Read our article: GPS Tracking Solutions: Enhancing Lone Worker Safety and Operational Efficiency.
  • Provide non-emergency support when the worker can see a clear risk through the Ready2Talk feature e.g. making a high-value delivery to a known risk location
  • Deliver dashboard reporting to key stakeholders on solution usage, reflected across an organisation's department structure via SoloProtect Insights
  • Receive up-to-date, and credible information regarding the working status of employees across a team or group
  • Support workers to report incidents and document them effectively.

We work with a number of Transport and Logistics organisations and have a range of devices to choose from and scalable functionality to suit the needs of your employer. See our personal safety solutions for more information or book a no-obligation demo.

Business Case Support

Business Case Support

You can read more about the benefits of investing in a personal safety or lone working solution in our Business Case Support document - available on the Knowledge Base.

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